Monday, February 16, 2009

no idea

today i asked my friend, smkb too
" working n studying, which sounds better"

without much hesitation, the answer he gave me was studying,
reasons were simple...

can ponteng as many times as u like
can lewat going to school without kena potong gaji
no nid c "face colours"

sounds true?

Sunday, February 15, 2009


tired.... too many things happened to me lately, i x breath...

listening to a song, my favorite song afterall...
pain had been eased, in a slow way...

still have a long way to go huh?


"no matter how hard i tried, i still m a loser,
i x beat him down, biggest enemy overall, the more i think,
the more troubles i had in my mind

the enemy m facing, called ... ...

looking at the mirror, the enemy standing still in front of me,
no matter how great the weapons i have in my hand,
the enemy still, remains as strong as ever, unbeatable..."