Tuesday, September 21, 2010


the stray wolf, in the dark, where the moon arisen, signifying rising consciousness and hunting alertness within, the glow and soft breeze left the wolf alone in the night. the wolf, recharging energy, moving slow as no danger of its predators could be sensed, in fact the wolf has no predators as he always assume he is the best.

the pride was hidden within, utmost noble yet not recognized in this universal. He knew himself well, only efforts would drive him to success, he tried and tried yet the outcome remains constant across time. He is clever, agile but was not welcome by the majority. He stays alone.

with little fur on its neck, soft skin in dark brown color , strong and tense muscle on each leg, actively pumping heart-beats, sharp claws and devastating teeth, he is ready for a hunt. He wasn't hunting for food, but just to put his skills and agility into test. How could a king survives without knowing his own strengths and weaknesses?

the night was a complete dead silent. nothing spoke excepted the noise from the annoying bugs. The sky was clear with little clouds surrounding the moon. The wolf camouflaged himself well, the tree trunks gave credits to his disguise, the wolf is now even harder to be spotted. Slowly, it laid its body close to the ground, supported by the firm muscles, the eyes were in full focus, ears were standing straight, nose was sniffing rapidly.

the dead silent continued.