Tuesday, September 21, 2010


the stray wolf, in the dark, where the moon arisen, signifying rising consciousness and hunting alertness within, the glow and soft breeze left the wolf alone in the night. the wolf, recharging energy, moving slow as no danger of its predators could be sensed, in fact the wolf has no predators as he always assume he is the best.

the pride was hidden within, utmost noble yet not recognized in this universal. He knew himself well, only efforts would drive him to success, he tried and tried yet the outcome remains constant across time. He is clever, agile but was not welcome by the majority. He stays alone.

with little fur on its neck, soft skin in dark brown color , strong and tense muscle on each leg, actively pumping heart-beats, sharp claws and devastating teeth, he is ready for a hunt. He wasn't hunting for food, but just to put his skills and agility into test. How could a king survives without knowing his own strengths and weaknesses?

the night was a complete dead silent. nothing spoke excepted the noise from the annoying bugs. The sky was clear with little clouds surrounding the moon. The wolf camouflaged himself well, the tree trunks gave credits to his disguise, the wolf is now even harder to be spotted. Slowly, it laid its body close to the ground, supported by the firm muscles, the eyes were in full focus, ears were standing straight, nose was sniffing rapidly.

the dead silent continued.

Friday, August 27, 2010

cartonised presentation

as the days is approaching, the presentation is getting closer and closer. I'm trying the hardest just to put my best on the show to impress the whole class and of course to outdo the selected two enemies who proclaim the join forces of them two has the greatest talent in class. I'm going to beat them down all alone... of course i have friends and teammates who is going to help me along this...

but in recent days, i'm quite satisfied with all the works m doing and as such, ego filled the souls causing me more introverted and always insists on the view of mine. However, certain of my views are wrong and was nt aware by me. I'm totally piss off.

during the recent tests, i wasn't doing well in my exams in my own assesment on my performance. I should have gone ways ahead than just this... i do not deserve this... however, due to the lackage of communication found, i was lost again... I started to realise that standing on my own is somehow hard and team-view is needed. However, things do not turn out the way as i've expected.

have to put more efforts and make everything a success again. No failure shall take takes thereon.

so, back to the presentation again, today i dreamed that my enemy had just delivered a very impressive presentation where the presentation was highly visualised and cartonised wif animations.

This has gaven me a headstart. I started to realised that using an effect charts and cartonised or visualised diagram is going to deliver a good understanding to all audiances because the focus of them has on the presentation has greatly memorised all key points deliverd and delivering. So, repeating in stories shall no longer needed.

Hence, with the deep understanding they have, whenever we told them to complete a task which is related the info presented, the output afrerall is going to be a great success. 3D, charts, digits... these are successful tools to be used for microsoft ppt. also, the presentation has to be cartonised ( or visualised for adult) and integrate it wif effective management technics, everything will be under controlled...

cartonised, visualised, coomunicative and managements the cycle of a career...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

break of the day!

many of my friends say they are thinking deep about their own future, how things should shape in the near future... is good to have plan ahead however the best thing shall lie on the effort spend to make those a reality.

As for me, being in uum so called a forest, has greatly changed my view in life. all i could say is, i met some who are very well talented which each of them has given me an inspiration. Living here is kinda good to me, i found my best friends and freedom where i never thought of to have prior to this. Of course, i met some who really irritated me...

friends here are good so far, unlike those in secondary, where some did piss me off... whatever, m doing fine here and hopefully here will shape me to a better professionalism.

i'm so obssed wif fairy tales and traditional stories... where i still deep believing that there are some kitab-kitab encrypted with special critical skills which could cause a great harm to any enemy faced! I still believing that some weapons are hidden in valleys where it could release a strong and sharp killing power to cause blood from the enemy!

some might say m crazy to have this kind of thought at this age... cheh, thats me, the way i live my life... and as such, m also fascinated with travelling...

i wish to travel around the globe, sips wine while sun bathing, socialise wif different people, to china to observe heritages at my late age and to arfica to enjoy a total forest living styles... crocodiles, tigers, snakes...

city life is great to show your competetiveness but not good to be regarded as stress releasing tool or life fulfillment. life is short, time is not evaluated based on how long you havelived, time is evaluated based on how much fulfillments you brought into your life... if fulfillments ain't there, whats the meaning of life?

i met a lect who currently is pursing a PHD. i dun like him much, but the inspiration he has and striving skills he holds both did give me an interest to follow his path. he is young n cheerful, an quite handsome too to a certain extend, career-fulfilling and striving... i love the way how he conducts his life, to hold a PHD at this age of him, i think he is in around 27-29, is totally amazing...

may be i should change my behavior, be willing to grab any opportunities offer and must overcome my lazyness... but, in most circumstances, campaign used to piss me off because is always fully filled wif passive learning and is not founded wif aggresive active learning.

should gv my self an opportunity to let go of the closed me, be open and ready to embrace the new and to make life vibrating!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010


well... it been long i lost my marks in blogspot. But, that doesn't mean i hv neglected it, i did open my blog quite frequently to check my friends' upates, but most of them seems busy these few days. Thats normal, since this is my 1st blog in 2010.

I hv to admit, i was busy. Busy wif school stuffs... Assignments and exams nvr end, it keeps burdening me. When one mid sem was done, you gotta prepare for he next, when all were done, the news of final exam came.

Not just exam, meetings too, a hatred. Meeting meting meting, meetings were irritating when the activities you took part give no specific interests to you. Meetings get worse, when the outcome is zero to you or the director tells you that :"alright, we are going to have another meeting again by xxx for further discussions". Thats the worst of all.

I really enjoy my time in library when all my homeworks are done, sitting down comfortably, pick a book and read at ease. Surf net, music and reading, thats the way i wish to have.

Don you think thats is great?