Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010


well... it been long i lost my marks in blogspot. But, that doesn't mean i hv neglected it, i did open my blog quite frequently to check my friends' upates, but most of them seems busy these few days. Thats normal, since this is my 1st blog in 2010.

I hv to admit, i was busy. Busy wif school stuffs... Assignments and exams nvr end, it keeps burdening me. When one mid sem was done, you gotta prepare for he next, when all were done, the news of final exam came.

Not just exam, meetings too, a hatred. Meeting meting meting, meetings were irritating when the activities you took part give no specific interests to you. Meetings get worse, when the outcome is zero to you or the director tells you that :"alright, we are going to have another meeting again by xxx for further discussions". Thats the worst of all.

I really enjoy my time in library when all my homeworks are done, sitting down comfortably, pick a book and read at ease. Surf net, music and reading, thats the way i wish to have.

Don you think thats is great?