Sunday, March 29, 2009


today went to hot spring play, on purpose,
mother's hand suddenly swelled like sausage, may b ate too much seafood,
kena poisoning...

that's y decided to go hot spring...

located at somewhere near slim river, more than 1 hour ride from kl,
war... really very hot, can c bubbles blowing out from underground,
my leg almost overcooked, hahaha...

before going in

father mum grandmum

Great learning opportunities lots of herbs can b found inside

can boil eggs, taste different



the main source of hot spring water

overcook katak, ready to eat... hahaha
it was found dead middle in the hot spring river... so yam kong

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


TA MA DE, so hot recently...

i juz resigned, nothing to do at home, too free, until caught flu,
Damn it, the irritating weather causing my flu getting worse, so unbearable...

i couldn't imagine, how's human life after 50 years from now,
the sun is BBQ-ing, us... juz like the way, how v grill fresh flesh

how to solve? i dun noe...
juz leave it alone? i dun wan...

so how? dun ask me, hehehehe...

to me, is time for us to plant more new tress, to save the earth, of course, to save ur life as well...

the sun will grill u... if u disobey

Saturday, March 21, 2009


this picture means a lot to me, was taken on my last day, my final service to Natural Quartz, Mid valley, S-014...

Monday, March 16, 2009

eArth HoUr 2009

ok, here comes the deal...
pls, switch off ur lights at 8.30pm for an hour by 28 march 2009 as a way to show ur concern n commitment to the earth, but, 1 thing juz scared me off...

Beware of thieves, that's their golden time to perform their professionalism... hahaha

don't u think u r nt on the trend if u r nt doing so
if ur friend askd u,
"ei semalan gt switch off lights or nt?"
if u replied
"apa o? i dun noe geh?"
then ppl sure laughing at u

if u replied
"huh, i noe, purposely dun 1 switch off, i on my lights the whole day"
if u told me that answer, i sure very very disappointed

if u said
"ya ya ya, i did"
i would b respecting u, for doing the right thing at the right time

needless to further elaborate, m sure that, everyone feels the pinch...

do u like to spend ur whole day in a fully air-conditioned room?
have u ever ask yourself, y?

answer simple, because u hate the heat outside, who caused it?
monkey? elephant? cow?

u hate it, so do i, but, hv u tried ur best to make our environment better?

oni u can tell the answers

dun let the needle stabs then noe know how hurt the pain is

so suffering to live in such a hot n dangerous world, quick smoking, disposing waste in a proper way, say no to plastic n polystyrene, these r the most simple ways u n i can do to save the world


haha, birthday jor, colleagues celebrated with me jor, happy o!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

good bye form 6!!!

stpm result released, i x express my feelings at all,
woke up around 10.30am, hands shaking in fear... what can i do to ease my nerves
went to play dragon ball lor, hehehe...

stupid mpm, after sending 2 sms, still telling me that result hasn't been released,... ...

so, decided to take it from smkb...

result? ok ok lor
2B+ 1B 1B- , 3.08, ok lar, at least over 3.o


m statified with it, coz i know what had i done over the last 2 years
no much to complain, no big feelings as well..

at night,back from working, was exhausted, anyway,
still nid to let my parents hv a look at my result,
without any choices, at full force
i hand it over to my father...

dad looked at it without questioning me, instead, asking me to go bath immediately, told me that sumthing important nid to negotiate with me, i was stunned...

while showering, my brain kept thinking, in confussed, OMG...
what's going to happend, kena marah? huh, may b gua, 1st time nt having an A in my result, very scared...


so later, when i change my baju, i saw...

cane? no lar...

I SAW A NEW PSP in front of me,
i couldn't believe it, MY GOD, is a psp!!! holy shit, i shouted in surprise,
never expected it from my father, TQ TQ hehehehehehe....

anyway, was a bit guilty for causing my father spending thousand over on me