Wednesday, December 31, 2008

is time to kick the butt of 08!!!

is that to kick the butt of 08 n at the same time
open the door to welcome 09, 2009!!! hahaha

so fast this year, juz a glance, everything has come to an end
there are so many things i have to let go, also, they is quite a few of things i wanna make them stay
this year, i didn't perform well in school
was a bad year to me... bad? nt at all...

at least i got sumthing that i wanted to hv it for more than 3 years!
yes, is a champion in wudo, n yes, i did it!!!

this year, i met lots of new friends, they r great....
like my lao po-evelyn, sunkist-meimei (sry, this year christmas nt spending wif u) n lots...

of course nt forgetting my very very very closed sei-tong or even more further than that
who? of course id u lor xiu wen.... u r most special to me all the way long

then bodoh lar, old friend lu like wudo 08 president, n all ajks... c-heng n c-jie n more, then all 6A3 lor

this year was a painful year to me,
being injected for 3 times pain!!!
fell down n chin kena jahit pain!!!
headache, went x-ray n blood test, shit!!!
teeth broken n repaired pain!!! (most)

but this year i gt a chance to visit Hong Kong o~~~ hehehehe

this year really full of ups n downs... but still ok lar!!!
stpm? waiting for the god to bless me lu, what else more can i do?

09? m waiting for u!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008


ok... today was my neighbor xiu wen's sister wedding party
so, juz back from work, put down my beg n rest for a moment
[ tq CC for sending me back home ]

today inside the commuter suddenly an around 7 years-old boy asked me which station would i stop?i don't know how to answer him, but at last, i told him that i would b leaving at kepong station... i thought he wanna sit my place, so CC "suggested" to give our seat to him... so many ppl looking at us, winnie......

kakaka, reached home safe n sound around 10.45pm
aiya, bez friend mar, nid to give some faces somehow
so, i went to her house n joined her party
although it was 11.00pm ady

after a few sips of wine, started getting druNk
may b was too exhausted from work, hahaha... but now very conscious, no worry haha

tomorrow afternoon shift tim, sad....

too long i didn't touch computer jor, i miz my internet n computer, of course my PS2 as well.... wuwuwu

Monday, December 22, 2008

normal day

Ok... juz back from work? exhausted? nt at all, today was a busy day to my boss
she less monitor us through cctv, so, was quite happy and free

today was a bit lazy,
sitting at the main counter, rubbing pendents, decorating crystal trees....
these were what i had done by today

mind kept thinking of something else,
thinking of what? curious to know? haha, nothing special geh...
was thinking how to style my hair, n what colour should i use to dye my hair for the coming CNY
but, i still haven't get any greenlight yet
haha... ...

English getting poor ady, hard to communicate in English...
i couldn't let it getting worse, went to MPH, bought TIME to read
to enhance, increase and to improve my English
haha... feeling kind of good....
i like it

so, christmas juz around da corner right? wishing all
"Merry Christmas" especially to those i love most...

Normally, i will watch "Polar Express" during christmas, few days before or after christmas
this year, no exception,
1 of my great movie collection ever! Trust me!!!

"seeing is believing"
this movie taught me a valuable lesson!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Daniel here...
ha, always dreamed to work in a foreign company, now the chance finally arrived
my shop, located at mid valley, owned by hong kong feng shui master
haiz... things were not going as well as i had expected

is true, they really pay me lots...
RM1200? that's juz the basic salary oni
extra RM50 will be added cumulatively on the following months

sounds great huh? very cham de...
u noe, hong kong ppl are very realistic...
my shop has more than 20++ cctv...
my boss used to use cctv to monitor us, n always order us to do this n that

hiaz... like prison? ya, kind of
when my boss approved my apply as shop assistant
i was so happy n excited, but few days later
things were not going according to my wish....

but, i can't say that this job is completely off to me
i did learn lots throughout these few days
about crystal, stones n aura, a new knowledge to me
my shop has quite a lot of foreign visitor, though they were juz visitor n nt buyer
but still, i enjoyed communicating wif them
some americans or white-skinned girls, quite DDD... hahaha

pretty soon, m going to leave n find another job related to either administration or accounting
y? huh, coz my friend told me that v hv to wait until july then oni can enter local U
so.... that's it

Sunday, December 14, 2008

red underwear II

recently really damn bz working in a crystal shop at mid valley

this shop leh, very special de....
gt 30++ hidden cctv plus voice recorder
my boss used to monitor us through cctv, fuck it!!!

but, salary quite ok, no choice lor... ...

legs very tired, whole body can't bend as flexible as before jor...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

red underwear

haha.... finally
after several attempts, feedback finally arrived.
i have been calling this fellow for more than 5 times ady
but, the call nvr reach...

ok, i gave up!!!
around 3pm, finally that fellow replied
yes, juz made an appointment to interview a job

very stunned, by the time i picked up the call, i got no idea how to answer the call
which language should i use?
banana? babi? dragon? can't understand the code?

banana = english
babi = malay
dragon = chinese (of course)

so, i conversed wif her wif chinese for a little while
then da 2nd Qs she asked me was
"can you speak english?"
i was like, oh my god, english?

ok, fine, english mai english, fear her not!
so, da interview date has been confirmed
5pm, mid valley...
i think da job she offered me should b shop assistant gua

no idea leh

hopefully, everything will go smoothly,
no stones were allowed to block my way!!
if nt, i will hv no $ to buy RED UNDERWEAR for
the coming CNY....

wish me lucks ya!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


近来 不知不觉中 已慢慢地 爱上了徐子珊
她超美 性感到极点 体态完美到超标
鼻血都愿意 为她流几滴。。。

很喜欢 徐子珊饰演 的桑芷妍
她都把那些 characteristic 演的很棒

她那坏坏 的眼神
看到她 就有种冲动。。。 想像只牛一样 冲过去咬她一口
因为 她 就像一颗 香甜的苹果

昨天在youtube 看到 这位女神 在星光大道
唱奥运时 狂风吹 她不小心 露底

看到还满爽 哈哈