Monday, September 28, 2009

school days again

Been holiday for long, mood to study had gone to far far away... yesterday i x sleep well, due to the fact that i was very used to hv more than 10 hours of rest time during the last raya holiday, back to UUM, i was hving sleep disorder.

hahaha! this afternoon, when i was about to watch certain nice collections, the electricity went off suddenly without my permission, causing me to lost my mood. moments without electronic items to blow away the heat was miserable.

with the best will in the world, i couldn't comfort myself to forgive the TNB for causing all these problems to me! my blood was boiling, fist clenced, argh! Damn it! hy must u mess up my mood at this moment!

Luckily, my class on afternoon was about to start soon. So, at top speed get my beg ready to study n went to dgk there blow blow air-cond b4 class started. otherwise, i might dehydrated due to the fact that the sun was burning and draining.

Of course, the feelings were still there, burning hot, but what else can i do hor? hahahaha!

クレヨンしんちゃん 蠟筆小新
u long live in my world! my tears dropped when i heard the news, facts used to be cruel as it only reveals nothing but truth. No matter how much i wish the news was fake, the truth still remain unchanged.

He had accompanied me for more than 10 years, thanks to him for colouring my childhood, i couln't say much at this point, hard felling sry

Monday, September 14, 2009

thats the difference

HUIYO~~~ Holiday again!

Upon being starved for roughly a month, the mirror tells me in an honest tone, you are getting slim...

GOSH! i hate that, i'm slim enuf, i'm not ready to get myself to be slimmer than now, but the fact is that i'm eventhough i'm not willing to. I got no choice but to accept it.


However, Holiday is on its way to bring me out of this miserable life! How dare you, stupid UUM, starved me for so long, my hunger to babi n food will not decrease at any cost! I'm going to eat as much as i could to statisfy my little stomach...

back to story...
I'm going to hv 11 days of holiday during this raya celebration, unfortunately i'm not in KL, instead i'll b staying at my grandmum house to accompany her where her house is located at kedah somewhere near butterworth.

in fact the number of holidays approved were 7 days, however since most co-co activities had been canceled b4 and after raya, adding 2 to 7 would be 9!

teachers are getting more excited than students like us. they canceled their own class on the day be4 n after raya, so adding 2 to 9 would be 11! so, who is more exciting? Teachers la!