Tuesday, December 22, 2009

few days b4 school

spending this christmas with the same person again, hohoho... no other than this lovely small cloud. after christmas, i'll b going back to uni for further study. a hectic n bz life is going to begin.

all i can say is "let the challenges begin!"

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


i encountered a very funny quot today:

周五喝多了带一女的回家,没有套,我有点担心搞出事,那女的说没事,及时出来就行了。结果等到高潮我控制不住了正要拔出来的时候,那女的突然两腿一盘裹住我的腰,死命夹着我大叫:“当我孩子的爹吧!!!” 就这样被硬吃死猫。What a fucking day!


Saturday, December 5, 2009


总觉得 你我关系以 朋友比情人好

情人关系 与你披上了无形的责任 必须向你负责任 让你活在幸福中

无奈走在茫茫人海 孤独灵魂与上了恶魔 恶魔为灵魂补缺空虚 更让孤独变得更无价 没尊严 惟有失声痛哭 因孤独不能求败 不能让人知他哭了

甲朋友以友 呵护丙朋友 让丙得到关怀 更让丙变得更丙 更自我 丙曾和甲相爱 可丙认为这样更美好 因为大家都多了一样东西


时间让爱 便成熟 就像成熟的小蜜桃 多汁甜美 芬芳四射 艳色超群 更誉为“千里香” 未成熟 只有短暂的市场价值 吃起来腻的 苦的 经不起时间考验 最终变成箩底桃可惜

因此 让我们先成为朋友让大家多选择些 我会珍惜你我的一切 时间能让我们天长地久 丙爱甲

Thursday, December 3, 2009

life at down

today, i meant yesterday, i walked pass a street near my house. I was on my way back home from a particular place. One of the construction worker was having his lunch besides a drain, a tree gave him shelter, making him feeling more comfortable with his lunch.

I saw the lunch he was having, a very simple lunch with rice n few side lines. Is just so pity and heart-touching feeling seeing someone living in such a miserable fate. The lunch he had, to him would be a heaven regardless the taste, as it made him full no longer suffered by hunger.

To be honest, i would not take any spoon of the similar food he had into my mouth. Is just tough.

But sometimes when u r in this condition, oni few dollars remain in pocket, u do not have the choice to choose. You are afraid for finished spending it. If today you bought something over your budget, how are you going to survive or buy for another spoon to feed you on the next day.

You have to make precise planning, otherwise you will suffer for insufficient credit. Life is full of temptation, when you are about buying a food, you wished to had that food as your lunch or dinner, but because you do not have enough buying power, all you can do is ignored.

When you open the rice and about to eat, tears drop...