Wednesday, December 31, 2008

is time to kick the butt of 08!!!

is that to kick the butt of 08 n at the same time
open the door to welcome 09, 2009!!! hahaha

so fast this year, juz a glance, everything has come to an end
there are so many things i have to let go, also, they is quite a few of things i wanna make them stay
this year, i didn't perform well in school
was a bad year to me... bad? nt at all...

at least i got sumthing that i wanted to hv it for more than 3 years!
yes, is a champion in wudo, n yes, i did it!!!

this year, i met lots of new friends, they r great....
like my lao po-evelyn, sunkist-meimei (sry, this year christmas nt spending wif u) n lots...

of course nt forgetting my very very very closed sei-tong or even more further than that
who? of course id u lor xiu wen.... u r most special to me all the way long

then bodoh lar, old friend lu like wudo 08 president, n all ajks... c-heng n c-jie n more, then all 6A3 lor

this year was a painful year to me,
being injected for 3 times pain!!!
fell down n chin kena jahit pain!!!
headache, went x-ray n blood test, shit!!!
teeth broken n repaired pain!!! (most)

but this year i gt a chance to visit Hong Kong o~~~ hehehehe

this year really full of ups n downs... but still ok lar!!!
stpm? waiting for the god to bless me lu, what else more can i do?

09? m waiting for u!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008


ok... today was my neighbor xiu wen's sister wedding party
so, juz back from work, put down my beg n rest for a moment
[ tq CC for sending me back home ]

today inside the commuter suddenly an around 7 years-old boy asked me which station would i stop?i don't know how to answer him, but at last, i told him that i would b leaving at kepong station... i thought he wanna sit my place, so CC "suggested" to give our seat to him... so many ppl looking at us, winnie......

kakaka, reached home safe n sound around 10.45pm
aiya, bez friend mar, nid to give some faces somehow
so, i went to her house n joined her party
although it was 11.00pm ady

after a few sips of wine, started getting druNk
may b was too exhausted from work, hahaha... but now very conscious, no worry haha

tomorrow afternoon shift tim, sad....

too long i didn't touch computer jor, i miz my internet n computer, of course my PS2 as well.... wuwuwu

Monday, December 22, 2008

normal day

Ok... juz back from work? exhausted? nt at all, today was a busy day to my boss
she less monitor us through cctv, so, was quite happy and free

today was a bit lazy,
sitting at the main counter, rubbing pendents, decorating crystal trees....
these were what i had done by today

mind kept thinking of something else,
thinking of what? curious to know? haha, nothing special geh...
was thinking how to style my hair, n what colour should i use to dye my hair for the coming CNY
but, i still haven't get any greenlight yet
haha... ...

English getting poor ady, hard to communicate in English...
i couldn't let it getting worse, went to MPH, bought TIME to read
to enhance, increase and to improve my English
haha... feeling kind of good....
i like it

so, christmas juz around da corner right? wishing all
"Merry Christmas" especially to those i love most...

Normally, i will watch "Polar Express" during christmas, few days before or after christmas
this year, no exception,
1 of my great movie collection ever! Trust me!!!

"seeing is believing"
this movie taught me a valuable lesson!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Daniel here...
ha, always dreamed to work in a foreign company, now the chance finally arrived
my shop, located at mid valley, owned by hong kong feng shui master
haiz... things were not going as well as i had expected

is true, they really pay me lots...
RM1200? that's juz the basic salary oni
extra RM50 will be added cumulatively on the following months

sounds great huh? very cham de...
u noe, hong kong ppl are very realistic...
my shop has more than 20++ cctv...
my boss used to use cctv to monitor us, n always order us to do this n that

hiaz... like prison? ya, kind of
when my boss approved my apply as shop assistant
i was so happy n excited, but few days later
things were not going according to my wish....

but, i can't say that this job is completely off to me
i did learn lots throughout these few days
about crystal, stones n aura, a new knowledge to me
my shop has quite a lot of foreign visitor, though they were juz visitor n nt buyer
but still, i enjoyed communicating wif them
some americans or white-skinned girls, quite DDD... hahaha

pretty soon, m going to leave n find another job related to either administration or accounting
y? huh, coz my friend told me that v hv to wait until july then oni can enter local U
so.... that's it

Sunday, December 14, 2008

red underwear II

recently really damn bz working in a crystal shop at mid valley

this shop leh, very special de....
gt 30++ hidden cctv plus voice recorder
my boss used to monitor us through cctv, fuck it!!!

but, salary quite ok, no choice lor... ...

legs very tired, whole body can't bend as flexible as before jor...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

red underwear

haha.... finally
after several attempts, feedback finally arrived.
i have been calling this fellow for more than 5 times ady
but, the call nvr reach...

ok, i gave up!!!
around 3pm, finally that fellow replied
yes, juz made an appointment to interview a job

very stunned, by the time i picked up the call, i got no idea how to answer the call
which language should i use?
banana? babi? dragon? can't understand the code?

banana = english
babi = malay
dragon = chinese (of course)

so, i conversed wif her wif chinese for a little while
then da 2nd Qs she asked me was
"can you speak english?"
i was like, oh my god, english?

ok, fine, english mai english, fear her not!
so, da interview date has been confirmed
5pm, mid valley...
i think da job she offered me should b shop assistant gua

no idea leh

hopefully, everything will go smoothly,
no stones were allowed to block my way!!
if nt, i will hv no $ to buy RED UNDERWEAR for
the coming CNY....

wish me lucks ya!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


近来 不知不觉中 已慢慢地 爱上了徐子珊
她超美 性感到极点 体态完美到超标
鼻血都愿意 为她流几滴。。。

很喜欢 徐子珊饰演 的桑芷妍
她都把那些 characteristic 演的很棒

她那坏坏 的眼神
看到她 就有种冲动。。。 想像只牛一样 冲过去咬她一口
因为 她 就像一颗 香甜的苹果

昨天在youtube 看到 这位女神 在星光大道
唱奥运时 狂风吹 她不小心 露底

看到还满爽 哈哈

Sunday, November 30, 2008

a gift from heaven

today while having a tough fight wif a game ---Genji
i received a letter at full surprise
i paused my game for a little while, n started to read the letter
OMG 4 pages in total... ...

One of my old friend sent me this
hihi... she very gt my heart geh, though v seldom talked in school
but, still, old feelings remain the same n unchanged

i really very appreciate what she had done to me, both directly n indirectly

having her in my life, is the biggest gift from heaven
a treasure couldn't b found on earth

neither map nor satellites could coordinate its location
neither god nor human could see its physical look

because it can oni b seen by the purest heart from us both
it belongs to us

Ooopss.... sweet tooth getting itchy jor
if that was sincere from the bottom of my heart
will ya believe it?
i know u will, coz i gt nothing to hind behind u
n u noe that too

that phrase u wrote to me:
"This might be d last letter I'm writing to you...."
did steal few drops of tears from me

dun b like that lar.... ...

i would b sad without ur disturbances

knowing that u r expecting me to write more
wanna make it personal wif you, erm so m nt going to further elaborate
feeling kind of weird er?

nolar, later u will know geh..... hehehehehe
last but nt least
i take our friendships very seriously de o

Monday, November 24, 2008


[ in response to my friend's blog ]

r u afraid of death? of course, the answer depends on individual
some were very keen to die
on the contrary
some were very wishing to have a so called "elixir"

huh... y must v die?
scientific answer: cells unable to rejuvenate
traditional answer: ancestors waiting for your companion
logical answer: give space to the youth
life of circle nvr breaks

recently, i juz gt a quite terrible news from my mum
one of my neighbor, is suffering a very chronic disease
although is nt that serious
but, is going to b that serious

i think i shouldn't reveal, because, even if i did
what would happen?
could i make a positive change? answer is certain

a healthy looking person,
all of sudden........
who can expect this to happen?

may god b wif her
blessing her at all times

life only travel once
that is y v should appreciate n b appreciative

none of us have elixir
unlike games... so syok, after being attacked, applying potion, elixir or casting a spell could make that particular revive

in reality?


a moment of peace is the biggest treasure from heaven
on sunday, i was as usual
sleep n eat....
mum n dad hv gone shopping together leaving me alone in the house

after taking sufficient rest
by the time i woke up from my afternoon nap, ady 3.00pm
big pressure
coz monday is my acc ppr

i switched on my Hi-5
listening to my favorite song
the feeling of being free is juz great

dun u agree?

Thursday, November 20, 2008


wasei... today's account paper was very tough, i wonder what's going to happen on the nex paper... even math paper i also didn't do well either

my poor result damn it... hopefully, i could make it to University
damn it, my friends used to ask me the same Qs...
How was exam?
my reply used to b the same

waiting for the god to bless me

hopefully the more jossticks i burned to God, the more blessings i got in return

i really hv no idea whats going on, all i juz noe is to study study study
my final hope lies on math and economy

i will switch on my full gears on these 2 subjects
wish me luck, k!!!

few days ago, i had a dream, though i hv graduated, forever-ly never deserve a chance to b declared as "smkb-an" haha, so
under half sleep n half conscious condition
willpower manipulated my brain to dream of something according to my wish

so, in reality, that duty will eternally remains undone, due to psychology n social problems
that duty is so hard to b fulfilled, or replacing the word "hard" wif "impossible" would sounds much much better to me

i was so happy, i envy the me in my dream
for hving a chance to do the thing that i have long been waiting for
chance has came, though was subjective

...that unrealistic duty has fulfilled....

Monday, November 17, 2008


my first paper, lai liao lor is PA2

Sunday, November 16, 2008


ASIMO - Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility
today went to 1U purposely to take a look at what humanoid robot really means

After waiting for a short while, ASIMO finally showed its face on stage. When the door of the "box" opened, every1 was shocked...

"Holly Shit!!!"
"Is that possible?"
"OMG" Is that real?"!!!
claps n cheers were everywhere, most of the audience juz couldn't believe what they were looking at

a humanoid robot ran out from the "box"...
the humanoid robot can run, communicate( may b the dialogue has been engineered by technician), run, kick ball, exercise, clap hands and fetch items

waH... Honda really impressive, which has juz once again proved to the world that dreams can b possible....
the crowd r getting more excited when ASIMO ran on its half n full speed...
that juz amazing... but somehow, i still feel that some of the performances like communication, are has been arranged, bcoz throughout the whole performance, the MC nvr give a chance to the audience to ask ASIMO a question, in order to test its abilities of communication

its communication skills is questionable to me

can proton does the same as honda in future? answer is certain, u n me know lar

If 1 day, malaysia decided to make a robot, dun b too excited n supportive
bcoz if this really happened, then v will b forced to pay HIGHER TAX than now for the blood sucker
believe it or nt? haha

Thursday, November 6, 2008


countdown : 1 day before graduation

today was a very special day
our class was in chaos
so great to c every1 dressed themselves according to their taste
really geng
I had fell in love wif 6A3

i like the feeling, so syok man!!!
all the moments spent ware great n hardly to b expressed in words
around 12.35pm, our class started to rearrange tables n chairs

tension suddenly came back.....
a fun n wild class has gone to far far away
when i saw my friends pulling down all the materials pasted on the board
heart has broken into pieces

class was empty, which make me feel juz like a fish out of water
菲菲姐 我真的在拍 布告版 不是 hui chin ar......

still nt ready for the torturing stpm
anyway, got to b well-prepared for tomorrow's lagi sot ceremony

有个朋友 爱国爱到没话讲 原本想放他爱国的照片
可是怕他明天上报纸头条 还是算了吧 傻强你走运拉

谢谢 wei jie 和 gary 因为你们的道具 帅呆了

全家幅 羡慕6A3吧?

countdown : 2 days before graduation

Erm, on tuesday, a not so good announcement was made by our ketua pengawas...
Pre-lewat rules will be implemented again n will take effect starting on wednesday
to all non-smkb, does pre-lewat sounds childish n weird to u? to me, totally freak!
fuck it

i used to b late, or juz ngam ngam reached school compound before bell rang
my timing quite gud huh?

so, today [ 02/11/2008 ] , early in the morning, rain has started to fall from heaven
cold n humid atmosphere makes me feel juz great
still hv 2 days for me to b formally declared as smkb students
after that, i would no longer b able to wear uniform with smkb logo
kind of sad huh?

while i was brushing my teeth, a sweet n warming memory recalled in my mind
god pour the rain on purpose

回想起以前 每次下雨时 妈妈总是用雨伞遮我去学校
风雨不改 虽然某些时候总是有点觉得尴尬
某些时后 经过人多的地放 别人都回用异样的眼光望着我
着么大了 还要妈妈

几年前 我确实觉得很尴尬 难免会底下头 别让别人看见我是谁
经过漫长岁月的磨练 成熟的观念 让我彻底的觉悟
原来体会 妈妈对孩子的溺爱 是最幸福的
反而 紧紧的依围着 妈妈

出门前 雨还是下着
妈妈撑起了雨伞 准备为我当雨
幼小的手臂 慢慢地茁壮成长 "因为有吃饭的关系"

一手握着书 一手撑着伞 一步接一步 心连心

终于来到学校 向妈妈挥挥手后 便进学校 完成剩余的时光
很谢谢老天爷 在我还穿着校服 的毕业前两天



dun worry, other copies will b distributed later on the internet
original copies without effects also available

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


转眼间 牛奶 成为了班上热门话题
为了真理 为了公平 为了证明 为了名声
我特地拍了几张照 来证名
我真的很爱喝牛奶 。。。
小强 你输了噢 我家真的有很多牛奶
有冷冻 有即溶 有巧可力味 有加钙奶 有豆奶 有香草味 有增肥 连 anlene 都不放过。。。

美中不足 就是没有"鲜奶"

别以为我喝不完 给少少时间就 ok

count down: 3 days before graduation

Today, i planned to study sistem kawalan dalaman for my account, but, our class was over-excited by the photo shoot, so i leave my homework aside...
That picture was great but, the owner absence today.... Mr.chris ar, y x cum?

nvmlar, let me tell u the story of this pic....
2 fellows posing snake-style on the right is to 记念
2 fellows posing megaman-style on the left is to 记念
---"warning to readers, pls don't visit the webpages mentioned above"

hahaha.... "betul 18" was written on d whiteboard
hopefully, pn.low's curiosity won't trigger her intention to search "betul 18" or "yes 18" or "对18" in the internet
if she knew what betul 18 really is, then v all sure GG-ed lor
kakakakaka, m i right mr.chris?

Monday, November 3, 2008


today, i received a mail from 1 of my tuition mate
that mail is totally meaningful n i wanted to share with all of u
tears also drop upon reading
haiz.... how cruel reality is

'看父母就是看自己的未來 '
> 如果你在一個平凡的家庭長大
> 如果你的父母還健在
> 不管你有沒有和他們同住
> 如果有一天,你發現媽媽的廚房不再像以前那麼乾淨
> 如果有一天,你發現家中的碗筷好像沒洗乾淨
> 如果有一天,你發現母親的鍋子不再雪亮
> 如果有一天,你發現父親的花草樹木已漸荒廢
> 如果有一天,你發現家中的地板衣櫃經常沾滿灰塵
> 如果有一天,你發現母親煮的菜太鹹太難吃
> 如果有一天,你發現父母經常忘記關瓦斯
> 如果有一天,你發現老父老母的一些習慣不再是習慣時,就像他們不再想要天天洗澡時
> 如果有一天,你發現父母不再愛吃青脆的蔬果
> 如果有一天,你發現父母愛吃煮得爛爛的菜
> 如果有一天,你發現父母喜歡吃稀飯
> 如果有一天,你發現他們過馬路行動反應都慢了
> 如果有一天,你發現在吃飯時間他們老是咳個不停
> 千萬別誤以為他們感冒或著涼,( 那是吞嚥神經老化的現象)
> 如果有一天,你發覺他們不再愛出門 …
> 如果有這麼一天
> 我要告訴你,你要警覺父母真的已經老了
> 器官已經退化到需要別人照料了
> 如果你不能照料,請你替他們找人照料
> 並請你請你千萬千萬要常常探望
> 不要讓他們覺得被遺棄了
> 每個人都會老
> 父母比我們先老
> 我們要用角色互換的心情去照料他
> 才會有耐心、才不會有怨言
> 當父母不能料理自己的時候,為人子女要警覺,
> 他們可能會大小便失禁、可能會很多事都做不好,
> 如果房間有異味,可能他們自己也聞不到,
> 請不要嫌他髒或嫌他臭,為人子女的只能幫他清理,
> 並請維持他們的『自尊心』。
> 當他們不再愛洗澡時,
> 請抽空定期幫他們洗身體,
> 因為縱使他們自己洗也可能洗不乾淨。
> 當我們在享受食物的時候,
> 請替他們準備一份大小適當、容易咀嚼的一小碗,
> 因為他們不愛吃可能是牙齒咬不動了。
> 從我們出生開始,
> 餵奶換尿布、生病的不眠不休照料、
> 教我們生活基本能力、供給讀書、吃喝玩樂和補習,
> 關心和行動永遠都不停歇。
> 如果有一天,> 他們真的動不了了,
> 角色互換不也是應該的嗎?
> 為人子女者要切記,
> 看父母就是看自己的未來,
> 孝順要及時。
> 如果有一天,> 你像他們一樣老時,你希望怎麼過?
> 現在的你,> 是在當單身寄生蟲、還是已婚雙料或多料寄生蟲?
> 你留意過自己的父母嗎?
> 樹欲靜而風不止、子欲養而親不在
> 您的父母還有多少時間等您?

Friday, October 31, 2008


Yesterday i received something unusual and totally out of my expectation...
my phone showing an unpredicted call at roughly 09.45pm
upon answering, was invited by caller to hang out at a dark n silent street right away when the call was ended

In full surprise, i had no idea what is going to happen next
i saw her carrying a bag filled with something
when she showed it to my, my god, was a "ai-xin-supper" cooked by her to me

she is my best friend ever in my life,
v held hands together, sharing sweet n bitter, sadness n anger, happiness n disappointment... ...
since child.... can u believe that?

if nt mistaken i knew her when i was in standard 5,
she is my neighbor, located opposite of my house,
indeed, i had a very fun wild n crazy childhood wif her of course

she cooked spaghetti for me, though intention of cooking wasn't fully on me or may b yes, i dun know....
but, still very happy n excited by her care to me
after hving a great chat, it was almost 11.00pm ady
before when v both gone back to our home, she sent a picture to me which was taken by her during her last sunday port dickson trip...

last but nt least, tq sai!!!

stpm r coming pretty soon, i'm nt sure whether i can handle it or not
can u read the reading of the picture shown below? i guess is for ant n not a human beings like us right? unfortunately... yes is for us

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


what can a smile do? have u ever wonder about it?
a simple smile can give supreme pleasure to all the ppl who sticking around wif u
a crazy smile tells how humor u r
a happy smile tells how satisfying u felt over something
a sweet smile tells how happy u r upon something unusual

every smile gives power and energy to fuel our life, gives colours to brighten our life, gives motivation to heal our depress,

a smile a day keeps the sadness away
every complication will be overcome only when u carry a smile to re-investigate
feel free to smile

when i was working as promoter, i hv to smile to pleased my customer n persuade them to buy my products... as predicted, ppl crowded around my booth, i felt great! if you failed , hv a smile to tell urself that, u hv done the bez u could... If ur friend failed, hv s smile to re-motivate them

life is full of ups n downs, life is nothing but a zero if without ups n downs...
carry a smile, make ur life more appealing and satisfying.

a smile from the bottom of ur heart, helps to transfer motivations n love to those who needed and of course, those who is staying besides you

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy Birthday zip chong c-heng

is 8.00am sharp... y god want to wake me up this early? i haven't get sufficient rest yet, i opened my eyes n do a simple morning stretch n go! i brushed my teeth carefully n observed the whole proses closely, no dirt are allowed to stay!!! After being tortured by dentist, i have gained a freaking dreadful lessons...

i have something very important to do in school. First, i need to find my wudo sifu secondly was ...kakaka.... because of my c-heng lor... ok, after styling my hair m ready to go!

the 1st place i went was King's confectionery, to buy cakes for my c-heng's coming birthday. at 1st i wanted to buy a slice of mocha almond cake for him, after much consideration, i decided to buy 2 slices instead of 1! Erm, i hope he likes it

when i reached school, i saw them, however, disappointingly, my c-jie wasn't there. i saw my sifu n c-heng teaching wudo-futures, i sat at a corner n waited for their break time. I guessed my c-heng saw my skinny figure from far, so he came to me. after chatting n sharing, i passed the cakes to him, he was pleased n happy.
Happy birthday to u,happy birthday to c-heng happy birthday to u
YEAH! i love my c-heng n c-jie, they truly r my greatest mentor

Erm, after fulfilling the 1st task, m about to take on the next duty. i went to c my sifu wif accompanied by my c-heng. wuwuwu.... my sifu refused to bother me. zzZZZ... i sat at a corner n waited for my sifu. finally, he has opened his mouth to brush me for a little while then only promised to give the certificates to me. Erm, my jobs r done perfectly, so m about to go!!

m just so happy to c my c-heng is in good shape n was totally pleased... oooHHH is time to take a short nap lor

Thursday, October 16, 2008

ouch, that hurts!!!!!

today was a miserable day, last friday, i promised my dad that i would go to pull out the broken teeth, so my old-man went to appeal one day leave, purposely to accompany me to c the dentist by today...
when i saw the clinic, i knew, i hv to do this, no choice for me to choose... heart was jumping thrice faster than usual, legs were frozen, hands were shaking, sweat were rolling down from everywhere...

after registering, i sat at a corner, waiting for my turn... as the indian nurse opened the door of hell, n called my name loud n clear, oh..... i was speechless

my teeth's arrangement is the worse in this world, that's y when the doctor required me to open my mouth to the maximum, i was very unwilling to do so... but, do i deserve a second chance to say no? kaka... i open my mouth at full-force n let him hv a check. since child, i have already less taking great care of the my teeth-"the most precious gift from my mum"... without sufficient calcium supply from mum, high-quality-fetus like me can't grow teeth right? kakaka.... the fact is real, but, the joke was simply for fun oni ar!!!

i told the dentist that my last teeth was broken into half, need to b pulled out... the doctor nodded his head n did the job right away. After injecting the antiseptic into my gum, then he helped me to pulled out the broken teeth... stupid wudo, caused me to suffer all these damn u!!!

however, the doctor said i m the lucky 1, bcoz just the surface of the teeth is broken, the root was ok, in good condition... i was kind of relief... in less than 5 seconds time, the broken piece has been removed easily, yes!!! everything has over .


the doctor said i nid to do a "bridge" or "plant teeth" or do "gigi palsu kekal" n polish it... omg, my brain gone blank suddenly, nid to suffer again? i DUN WAN!!! plus, nid to pay extra RM650, damn it... i looked at my father, waiting for his decision... he asked me how? i said dun noe... then the final decision was... yes, is to continue the surgery...

wuwuwuwuw...... when the doctor help me to polish my teeth n... ... i could feel that lots of blood were coming out from my teeth..... IT WAS REALLY A BIG TORTURE...
all the weapons on table were big n sharp, i could feel that the evil-hearted weapons on display r ready to taste my blood n take my life

when the nurse dragged a tray to rearrange all the weapons in order to ease the dentist, i almost faint...
" argh.... kao ming ar, jiu ming ar, help, tolong ar.......!!!! wa..... i wan "sim yan" ar...."

the smell was irritating, everything was bad n miserable to me... worse still, the dentist told me that, this surgery nid an hour to finish, omg......... i x express how hard my feeling was at that moment

ok, after loosing roughly 25 ml of nutritional fresh blood, finally everything has been settle... the doctor said next sat i still nid to c him again n b prepared for another surgery, what's going to happen next, i hv no idea

OMG again another bad news... the doctor said, lots of dirt n plats were hidden inside my gum n nid to b clean using "MESIN" ..... I wan to faint for 2nd time ady of course, extra charge of rm100 is needed... total expenses is RM750, imagine.... how many cloths can u buy using that sum of money.... wuwuwuwuwu

m scared n nt mentally well-prepared for the next surgery

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

on msn

argh... ... again, i x sleep
looking at the contact list, i hv no idea who should i sms to, i'm bored...
what else can i do?
today i x do well in my tuition, on my way back home, my driving skill kena marah again, i admit that i didn't fully focus while driving, so i deserved to b scolded...
erm, i really can't sleep.... so i on9 to 5 friend, wow!~!! i saw my ns friend on9, was so happy!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

yesterday was a big torture... i couldn't sleep until 5.30am may b i was full, may b that was the reason. Erm, i hv a bad news to tell, my sister is sick. Something terrible happened to her, i also dun noe what sickness she caught... On the other hand, something terrible happened to me either, wuwuwuwuwu.... this week i have to c dentist to pull out 1 of my teeth, not on my own will, my heart almost jumped out from my heart, everytime when i walked pass the clinic, i saw he dentist, i saw the fear too...

家好月圆 sa姨的绕口令
sa姨, i love u o... hahaha

Back to the story, yesterday night i x sleep well, roughly around 5.00am, my eyes oni willing to close tight, shit!!! what the heck has happened to me, stpm is drawing near n near... so, i forced myself to sit on the table, n revise the subject which i hated most, yes, not other than eco, i HATE...

finally, my brains r tired, around5.00am, i finally willing to sleep...
1 hour later, i phone's alarm rang, was time to wake up, i was so lazy... as planned, m supposed to wake up at 6.15am, n b well-prepared for morning exercise n wudo's training, haiz... i off my phone, close my eyes tight n continue to dream, that's it

Saturday, October 11, 2008

today i went to sheraton hotel to hv dinner
erm... the food was ok, although very very expensive
like usuall...
shark fin soup wif abalone... then fish, prawns, rice and lots
these r the menu

well, at such places, is impossible to open our mouth to the maximum while eating
every scoop must be chewed pieces by pieces silently
luckily, v had our dinner in a private room, however, i still hv to keep my voice low bcoz m having dinner at a high-classed place

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

pob-pob, pob-pob, pob-pob
the time has come, as my economy teacher walked in
my heart beat faster than usuall
i knew whats going to happen next still... i wish i could change it

my eco marks, as predicted was not satisfying
i blame nobody but myself
for being overconfident n lazy over this subject

i hv underestimated everything
my school life has finally came to an end
pretty soon, m going to graduate
n end my form 6 life

kind of sad to say good-bye
few days later
i would NO LONGER....

be declared as school boy
be tighten by school rules
be scolded by teachers
be punished by disciplinary teacher
be spoon-fed in terms of homeworks
be SUFFERED by my MATH teacher
be squeezed by a crowd of students in canteen
be ... ... ...

whatever it is, m gonna to miss my days in SMKB
i will remember
how stupid i was in SMKB
how proud i was in SMKB
how anti-prefect-n-SMKB feeling was in SMKB

for a certain reasons....
my life wouldn't b prefect without SMKB

Friday, September 19, 2008

o my god
my headache cam back again
m nt sure
what m i 100% sure is

Monday, September 1, 2008

Exam fever.....

Monday, August 25, 2008

so pity, my sweet holidays have came to an end

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

yeah... is holidays
teachers of smkb hv a trend
they like to throw a host of homeworks to students

looking at their students how to suffer n b mentally tortured
by the irritating stress of homeworks
they have done their job
but can they assure v could understand all the notez?

"i assume u all noe ar, form 6 already ar... noe ar" said LPH
"ok, i give u examples, ok, look at the example 51..." continued by LPH
"want me give more or nt? 1 exmaple enuf ar, form 6 ady" rappd by LPH

"Jing Hong, cikgu tak masuk class ya... cikgu tak sihat ni...." said Nor
"Class, cikgu janji akan......"continued Nor
Janji= empty promises

should b fun and relax
so, i make myself feel lazy n totally relaxed
if nt, i might hv gone crazy

nt forgetting to do sumthing special
like to BOOM my PS, megarotic, tvb, hahahhahaha.....
of course, i would do my homeworks too
nt at full speed on the other hand, bit by bit
holidays hv given me too much of times to think
what i wan

i m so exhausted.... can v restart everything?
can v juz stop fighting, stop competing, stop all
feel free to stay together like old times?
stop comparing....

sum people who r richer would show off making u feeling hard
sum people or the same person
juz love to show off how gud he is in socializing wif ppl
that's juz annoying

u think u r great? no i dun think so?
may the the cause came from me, who noes?
y muz u show off all this in front of us
r u aware of the fact that ur laugh is annoying
ur voice is just......... argh

human is so complicating
sum juz like to c u DIE...

i hv a very gud friend since f.4,
certain misunderstood occurred between us
but, however, she is still my bez friend

no1 could replace her, though i hate her for some reasons
but, my care to her, still remain the same dimension

she is my bank? store $?
no, she stores my feelings n secrets
v hv gone through a lot of things through thick n thin
v love to hang out in mid valley
from 10.00am until 11.00 pm

but times have changed a lot of things
sumthing that has happened in the past
makes the hard feeling standing strong

can v use mathematical way to find the turning point of life?
can d/dx (method of differences) b used to find the turning point?
can v use (method of integration) to turn back the whole thing
can v? hehehehehehe.....

holidays hv give me enuf time to think what i wan
but m juz confussed n blur
what i wan? what i wan?

ergh...... fine then
now ANOTHER SHE in my life
lets talk about the "ANOTHER she"
who is more than 12 months younger than me
if family were a factor of consideration
i would nvr b wif her again

after meeting all the girls
she, still remain unchanged
but bcoz of her family, i hv to let go
hv to, but very + extremely unwilling

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Friday, August 8, 2008

Finally the day has arrived
the whole world is celebrating
Beijing! go Beijing!
the heir of dragon, show the world
what Chinese can do

i took this picture while i was having a great time in Hong Kong
i love Hong Kong
i nice place to travel

as a wushu fans
it is so great to c ppl performing sum traditional martial art skills
for instance
tai ji, "tang lang chuan"
in malaysia, what can u find?

tnx for the "special" management from our politicians
bcoz of them, the traditional culture is disappearing
slowly n gradually......

the r brainless. yes they r....
they do nt hv a proper plan in developing the country
try to refresh back
the "success story" of program angkasawan

i juz dun understand y malaysians r so proud of him n the program launched
hv u wonder y they name the program as angkasawan instead of astronaut
give u a moment to think...

ok! let me reveal
bcoz the "angkasawan" hasn't gone through certain special trainings
that's y sum countries don't want to certify him as a certified astronaut
that's y, malaysia name him as angkasawan

funny? is true....

back to my story....
i juz luv Hong Kong
it was so great to monitor n observe
how Hong Kong-an use feng shui n chinese culture
to build magnificent building

i promised
give me 7 years time
i will b back..... Hong Kong Wait for me!!!

Back to 2005
when i was having tuition class
my tutor madam Leong told us that
If 1 day, malaysia managed to build disney land

believe it or nt?
yes i do!

easy to remember huh?

easy to remember huh?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

浪花一朵朵 + 一路顺风.... hahaha
my old n best classmate is leaving....
kind of sad to say "good Bye",
but, what else can i do?
the feeling is just hard to accept
so happy to c all old friends at wing's cafe
every1 is in good shape
the moment v spent together was awesome
Love ya....

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Friday, June 27, 2008

school carnival finally has come to an end
some worked very hard
some just did nothing
some just waiting to be called for duty
some were willing to help
bermacam-macam things i have seen through

fried chicken? soyabean+cincau?
RM2.5 per cup for friend chicken
RM1.00 per cup for cincau
cheap? is quite expensive.....

that's not the point
some suggested to use polymer cup to "isikan the fried chicken"
I disagree to use polymer cup
is not environmentally-friendly
but still, majority insisted on using polymer cup
how cruel n no brain r there?

should i name them?
guess they noe who r they
stupid! ridiculous!
well, i have done my part to say no
but still.....
green house effect?
they r the cause, how proud.....

they have done something that leave a long term negative effect
on the earth
the next generation will noe,
how proud they should feel

well... back to the main point
looking at some of my friends
who has devoted a lot to this project
so great to c every1 working hand in hand
m so proud to 6A3

after 6A3 is my wudo
this year... comments
the picture says all

anyway, the sales for both wudo n 6A3 was a great success
back to 6A3
all of us share the success story
should v just salute 1?
so many people contributed, both directly n indirectly
should they b isolated?
what say u?

every1 deserve to b appreciated
because almost all of us worked very hard on it
this isn't 1 man work ritez?

finally.... the bez time has came
is time to divide the profit,
so happy to c the money waving thier hands to me, come on baby, MARILAH!