Friday, October 31, 2008


Yesterday i received something unusual and totally out of my expectation...
my phone showing an unpredicted call at roughly 09.45pm
upon answering, was invited by caller to hang out at a dark n silent street right away when the call was ended

In full surprise, i had no idea what is going to happen next
i saw her carrying a bag filled with something
when she showed it to my, my god, was a "ai-xin-supper" cooked by her to me

she is my best friend ever in my life,
v held hands together, sharing sweet n bitter, sadness n anger, happiness n disappointment... ...
since child.... can u believe that?

if nt mistaken i knew her when i was in standard 5,
she is my neighbor, located opposite of my house,
indeed, i had a very fun wild n crazy childhood wif her of course

she cooked spaghetti for me, though intention of cooking wasn't fully on me or may b yes, i dun know....
but, still very happy n excited by her care to me
after hving a great chat, it was almost 11.00pm ady
before when v both gone back to our home, she sent a picture to me which was taken by her during her last sunday port dickson trip...

last but nt least, tq sai!!!

stpm r coming pretty soon, i'm nt sure whether i can handle it or not
can u read the reading of the picture shown below? i guess is for ant n not a human beings like us right? unfortunately... yes is for us

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


what can a smile do? have u ever wonder about it?
a simple smile can give supreme pleasure to all the ppl who sticking around wif u
a crazy smile tells how humor u r
a happy smile tells how satisfying u felt over something
a sweet smile tells how happy u r upon something unusual

every smile gives power and energy to fuel our life, gives colours to brighten our life, gives motivation to heal our depress,

a smile a day keeps the sadness away
every complication will be overcome only when u carry a smile to re-investigate
feel free to smile

when i was working as promoter, i hv to smile to pleased my customer n persuade them to buy my products... as predicted, ppl crowded around my booth, i felt great! if you failed , hv a smile to tell urself that, u hv done the bez u could... If ur friend failed, hv s smile to re-motivate them

life is full of ups n downs, life is nothing but a zero if without ups n downs...
carry a smile, make ur life more appealing and satisfying.

a smile from the bottom of ur heart, helps to transfer motivations n love to those who needed and of course, those who is staying besides you

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy Birthday zip chong c-heng

is 8.00am sharp... y god want to wake me up this early? i haven't get sufficient rest yet, i opened my eyes n do a simple morning stretch n go! i brushed my teeth carefully n observed the whole proses closely, no dirt are allowed to stay!!! After being tortured by dentist, i have gained a freaking dreadful lessons...

i have something very important to do in school. First, i need to find my wudo sifu secondly was ...kakaka.... because of my c-heng lor... ok, after styling my hair m ready to go!

the 1st place i went was King's confectionery, to buy cakes for my c-heng's coming birthday. at 1st i wanted to buy a slice of mocha almond cake for him, after much consideration, i decided to buy 2 slices instead of 1! Erm, i hope he likes it

when i reached school, i saw them, however, disappointingly, my c-jie wasn't there. i saw my sifu n c-heng teaching wudo-futures, i sat at a corner n waited for their break time. I guessed my c-heng saw my skinny figure from far, so he came to me. after chatting n sharing, i passed the cakes to him, he was pleased n happy.
Happy birthday to u,happy birthday to c-heng happy birthday to u
YEAH! i love my c-heng n c-jie, they truly r my greatest mentor

Erm, after fulfilling the 1st task, m about to take on the next duty. i went to c my sifu wif accompanied by my c-heng. wuwuwu.... my sifu refused to bother me. zzZZZ... i sat at a corner n waited for my sifu. finally, he has opened his mouth to brush me for a little while then only promised to give the certificates to me. Erm, my jobs r done perfectly, so m about to go!!

m just so happy to c my c-heng is in good shape n was totally pleased... oooHHH is time to take a short nap lor

Thursday, October 16, 2008

ouch, that hurts!!!!!

today was a miserable day, last friday, i promised my dad that i would go to pull out the broken teeth, so my old-man went to appeal one day leave, purposely to accompany me to c the dentist by today...
when i saw the clinic, i knew, i hv to do this, no choice for me to choose... heart was jumping thrice faster than usual, legs were frozen, hands were shaking, sweat were rolling down from everywhere...

after registering, i sat at a corner, waiting for my turn... as the indian nurse opened the door of hell, n called my name loud n clear, oh..... i was speechless

my teeth's arrangement is the worse in this world, that's y when the doctor required me to open my mouth to the maximum, i was very unwilling to do so... but, do i deserve a second chance to say no? kaka... i open my mouth at full-force n let him hv a check. since child, i have already less taking great care of the my teeth-"the most precious gift from my mum"... without sufficient calcium supply from mum, high-quality-fetus like me can't grow teeth right? kakaka.... the fact is real, but, the joke was simply for fun oni ar!!!

i told the dentist that my last teeth was broken into half, need to b pulled out... the doctor nodded his head n did the job right away. After injecting the antiseptic into my gum, then he helped me to pulled out the broken teeth... stupid wudo, caused me to suffer all these damn u!!!

however, the doctor said i m the lucky 1, bcoz just the surface of the teeth is broken, the root was ok, in good condition... i was kind of relief... in less than 5 seconds time, the broken piece has been removed easily, yes!!! everything has over .


the doctor said i nid to do a "bridge" or "plant teeth" or do "gigi palsu kekal" n polish it... omg, my brain gone blank suddenly, nid to suffer again? i DUN WAN!!! plus, nid to pay extra RM650, damn it... i looked at my father, waiting for his decision... he asked me how? i said dun noe... then the final decision was... yes, is to continue the surgery...

wuwuwuwuw...... when the doctor help me to polish my teeth n... ... i could feel that lots of blood were coming out from my teeth..... IT WAS REALLY A BIG TORTURE...
all the weapons on table were big n sharp, i could feel that the evil-hearted weapons on display r ready to taste my blood n take my life

when the nurse dragged a tray to rearrange all the weapons in order to ease the dentist, i almost faint...
" argh.... kao ming ar, jiu ming ar, help, tolong ar.......!!!! wa..... i wan "sim yan" ar...."

the smell was irritating, everything was bad n miserable to me... worse still, the dentist told me that, this surgery nid an hour to finish, omg......... i x express how hard my feeling was at that moment

ok, after loosing roughly 25 ml of nutritional fresh blood, finally everything has been settle... the doctor said next sat i still nid to c him again n b prepared for another surgery, what's going to happen next, i hv no idea

OMG again another bad news... the doctor said, lots of dirt n plats were hidden inside my gum n nid to b clean using "MESIN" ..... I wan to faint for 2nd time ady of course, extra charge of rm100 is needed... total expenses is RM750, imagine.... how many cloths can u buy using that sum of money.... wuwuwuwuwu

m scared n nt mentally well-prepared for the next surgery

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

on msn

argh... ... again, i x sleep
looking at the contact list, i hv no idea who should i sms to, i'm bored...
what else can i do?
today i x do well in my tuition, on my way back home, my driving skill kena marah again, i admit that i didn't fully focus while driving, so i deserved to b scolded...
erm, i really can't sleep.... so i on9 to 5 friend, wow!~!! i saw my ns friend on9, was so happy!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

yesterday was a big torture... i couldn't sleep until 5.30am may b i was full, may b that was the reason. Erm, i hv a bad news to tell, my sister is sick. Something terrible happened to her, i also dun noe what sickness she caught... On the other hand, something terrible happened to me either, wuwuwuwuwu.... this week i have to c dentist to pull out 1 of my teeth, not on my own will, my heart almost jumped out from my heart, everytime when i walked pass the clinic, i saw he dentist, i saw the fear too...

家好月圆 sa姨的绕口令
sa姨, i love u o... hahaha

Back to the story, yesterday night i x sleep well, roughly around 5.00am, my eyes oni willing to close tight, shit!!! what the heck has happened to me, stpm is drawing near n near... so, i forced myself to sit on the table, n revise the subject which i hated most, yes, not other than eco, i HATE...

finally, my brains r tired, around5.00am, i finally willing to sleep...
1 hour later, i phone's alarm rang, was time to wake up, i was so lazy... as planned, m supposed to wake up at 6.15am, n b well-prepared for morning exercise n wudo's training, haiz... i off my phone, close my eyes tight n continue to dream, that's it

Saturday, October 11, 2008

today i went to sheraton hotel to hv dinner
erm... the food was ok, although very very expensive
like usuall...
shark fin soup wif abalone... then fish, prawns, rice and lots
these r the menu

well, at such places, is impossible to open our mouth to the maximum while eating
every scoop must be chewed pieces by pieces silently
luckily, v had our dinner in a private room, however, i still hv to keep my voice low bcoz m having dinner at a high-classed place

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

pob-pob, pob-pob, pob-pob
the time has come, as my economy teacher walked in
my heart beat faster than usuall
i knew whats going to happen next still... i wish i could change it

my eco marks, as predicted was not satisfying
i blame nobody but myself
for being overconfident n lazy over this subject

i hv underestimated everything
my school life has finally came to an end
pretty soon, m going to graduate
n end my form 6 life

kind of sad to say good-bye
few days later
i would NO LONGER....

be declared as school boy
be tighten by school rules
be scolded by teachers
be punished by disciplinary teacher
be spoon-fed in terms of homeworks
be SUFFERED by my MATH teacher
be squeezed by a crowd of students in canteen
be ... ... ...

whatever it is, m gonna to miss my days in SMKB
i will remember
how stupid i was in SMKB
how proud i was in SMKB
how anti-prefect-n-SMKB feeling was in SMKB

for a certain reasons....
my life wouldn't b prefect without SMKB