Friday, August 21, 2009


is time to back UUM, not willing to leave kl tim, but x choice lor...
back to UUM nid to deal with lots of homeworks n up coming exams, damn it... but good to hear that my friends n family all r in good shapes! sry to those friends whom i x meet wif, mdn leong center's friends, miz u all!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

kl, i'm on my way!

as my long been waiting holiday is getting closer, i'm getting more excited. even though the school life will be extra hectic after the break in the sense that my mid-sem exam will continue torturing on the beginning of September.

but, who cares?

this holiday will be the best opportunity to me to fully recharge my batteries, home sweet home after all. Friday around 10am, i will b taking bus heading to kl.
i miss my family, my friends, my shopping mall, my 1U, my k-room and more!

it surely will not b a boring week to me!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

the day when shits were all around

god damn it, so many misfortunes coming after me, too many, i x bear it.
all right, my 1st mid sem paper juz over, thought can keep a relax n happy smile back to hometown during this coming week, who noes were nt going according to what i wished

1st of all, i woke this morning, feeling great coz slept for more than 8 hours. then when to office get official stamp from authority, hopefully they will stamped my ptptn form, if not i sure die...

then this afternoon, went to buy the god damn stem hasil, who knows the pos office said it been sold out, my god damn heart broken into pieces, without stem hasil, how m i suppose to submit the ptptn, die la...

argh, so many shits coming around my body, last option is, i will hv to travel to changlun pos office to buy the stem hasil, from my uni to changlun nid around 15 minutes, so tired, damn it! argh...

plus, tomorrow nid to wake up earlier than usuall to brief about the assignment since was appointed as ah-head at full force, tremendously unwilling to hold this role, i really very pening head ar....

learn a lesson, nvr do things at the eleventh hour, but u can't blame me on the whole, i was informed by thursday if nt mistaken, sat n fri were holiday n today the setem sold out, holy shit! T.T

when i back to kl, i sure do lots of crazy stuffs to the max! these problems juz drive me nut!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

mask rider, hahaha

busy school day is back, boring... haha, really dun noe what to say, looking at the screen of my laptop, stunt, paralyzed, blur... today went to library, breathing was not a piece of cake, psycho problem may b, coz H1N1 might still around...

spent a ringgit to buy a mask, like mask rider huh? mask rider, my favorite movie, when i was a child, used to force mum to buy the tape for me, since at that time, v weren't rich, juz enuf, mum used to reject me, and but of course nt totally...

at least i got a skulker when i was in standard 6, digimon devices when in standard 4, i love my digimon devices, it mean super lot to me! how hv i gone through my life, i will also bear that in mind...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

back to school

sweet dream no more, nightmare on the go!

all right, everything back to normal...
school days started!