Sunday, May 31, 2009

terminater... gud!!

today was a bz day... woke up at 7.15am, get ready to reach center by 8.30am. after getting all the jobs done, was ready to carry on my duty as tuitor... class ended at 12nn sharp, the most precious moment i'hv been waiting for...

1st round, going to a natural place to hv dinner with my collegues n boss, was nice especially the enviroment n food served... nice chatting with all...

2nd round, angry la, sister grabed the computer, x log in to play my game, decided to on my 2nd round earlier, then go watch terminater... geng, terminater very very very good!!! then go out n hv dinner lo... hungry liao ma...

the food ar? ok ok oni la, teacher yang, u tipu me, said the food quite ok, argh...
i juz gave 60 marks for that!!! but ok also la, at least tried b4! teacher yang enjoy ur holidays lor...

find 1 day drink wine, very thirsty ar

Thursday, May 28, 2009

my 4 hours

Last saturday, my friend told me that i'm in charged of making a card for my math teacher due to the celebration of teahcer's day. no reason to reject, as i know none will take up the mission besides me, anyway, thinking in a positive way, another chance to show my creativity again...

sunday n monday i'll be having holidays in cameron highlands, which means i oni hv 2 days to accomplish my mission.. which is tuesday n wednesday...

on tuesday i bought some materials, then get my asses started as fast as i could... i gt no idea what to do, the whole card was about 25cm x 80cm big in size... a bit regret for choosing such a big size card... 1st phase was done, but i gt no idea what else nid to be further done... juz the head of pn. Lee shouldn't b enuf

so wednesday night, suddenly gt an idea 7 嘴 8 舌 so decided to make few ppl where the mouth of them can b opened n closed... smple and fun message was written on each n every1 of them this should b interesting... the back of the card can b used as a folder, caring enuf huh?

the poem printed on the front of the card sounds like this:

i love it very much... of course i copied it from internet geh...spent 4 hours on making hat card, hope my teacher is goin gto lup it

to me, my primary teacher 孙彩眉老师 who saw me growing from standard 4 to 6, for 3 years, had taught me lots of 人生道理 n wisdoms...

谢谢你 孙彩眉老师 我想告诉你 在我心中 你永远都是最好的


这首寺 是你的 我i你

Thursday, May 14, 2009


today, accidentally saw a pic from one of my friend in friendster... she hugged a guy when capturing the picture, i saw n feeling bad, the feeling was unexpected n sudden, causing me feeling like a fish out of water.

i dun noe what to do to express my feeling and to ease the pain in my heart, the pain deep in my heart... i blame no 1 as i know i didn't take any obvious action to put an end b4 it happend.

today i read a blog from one of my friend, one of her admire sang a romantic song with guitar to take her love, the whole scene should b stunting yet touching. hahaha...

me? listerning to song in a lonely way to alleviate the pain in heart

a borken heart, a sad song, what a sad day

shit, server update causing me x register into my 赤壁, my mum always mummble me, why r u so fanatic towards this game? answer is simple, playing this game did reduce my stress. 疯狂杀敌 really syok, especially it comes to group PK, even better as u noe that u r in a group, u r nt alone... kill kill kill.

may b i should spend some time to find the cause, the problem should come from me. juz wan to tell u this in a silent way,i'm hurted by u

this song for u

"may b if i knew all the things that took to save us.
looking in you eyes till i see there's somthing about me
I'm satnding on the edge and i don't know what else to give"

"I flow through my act, theres's a question, "is she needed?"
another side of man i cannot be
looking at the last 3 years like i did
I could never see us ending like this..." (T.T)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


穷? 那学生 道底有几穷。。。
人格方面 却时一点都不穷

那天和他一起回家时 我问他
"你住那里"? 他告诉我说 就在附近
然后他便补充多一句 说 "哎呀,我很穷的啦"

我不知道 那句话到底有几真 可是我却时是有少少感动

穷又怎样?难道salted fish 就不能翻身?