Wednesday, August 20, 2008

yeah... is holidays
teachers of smkb hv a trend
they like to throw a host of homeworks to students

looking at their students how to suffer n b mentally tortured
by the irritating stress of homeworks
they have done their job
but can they assure v could understand all the notez?

"i assume u all noe ar, form 6 already ar... noe ar" said LPH
"ok, i give u examples, ok, look at the example 51..." continued by LPH
"want me give more or nt? 1 exmaple enuf ar, form 6 ady" rappd by LPH

"Jing Hong, cikgu tak masuk class ya... cikgu tak sihat ni...." said Nor
"Class, cikgu janji akan......"continued Nor
Janji= empty promises

should b fun and relax
so, i make myself feel lazy n totally relaxed
if nt, i might hv gone crazy

nt forgetting to do sumthing special
like to BOOM my PS, megarotic, tvb, hahahhahaha.....
of course, i would do my homeworks too
nt at full speed on the other hand, bit by bit
holidays hv given me too much of times to think
what i wan

i m so exhausted.... can v restart everything?
can v juz stop fighting, stop competing, stop all
feel free to stay together like old times?
stop comparing....

sum people who r richer would show off making u feeling hard
sum people or the same person
juz love to show off how gud he is in socializing wif ppl
that's juz annoying

u think u r great? no i dun think so?
may the the cause came from me, who noes?
y muz u show off all this in front of us
r u aware of the fact that ur laugh is annoying
ur voice is just......... argh

human is so complicating
sum juz like to c u DIE...

i hv a very gud friend since f.4,
certain misunderstood occurred between us
but, however, she is still my bez friend

no1 could replace her, though i hate her for some reasons
but, my care to her, still remain the same dimension

she is my bank? store $?
no, she stores my feelings n secrets
v hv gone through a lot of things through thick n thin
v love to hang out in mid valley
from 10.00am until 11.00 pm

but times have changed a lot of things
sumthing that has happened in the past
makes the hard feeling standing strong

can v use mathematical way to find the turning point of life?
can d/dx (method of differences) b used to find the turning point?
can v use (method of integration) to turn back the whole thing
can v? hehehehehehe.....

holidays hv give me enuf time to think what i wan
but m juz confussed n blur
what i wan? what i wan?

ergh...... fine then
now ANOTHER SHE in my life
lets talk about the "ANOTHER she"
who is more than 12 months younger than me
if family were a factor of consideration
i would nvr b wif her again

after meeting all the girls
she, still remain unchanged
but bcoz of her family, i hv to let go
hv to, but very + extremely unwilling

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