Wednesday, January 21, 2009

DaNieL vs dAnIEl

kakaka... today i saw daniel lee at mv
he went into my shop to put new string to his bracelet
not bad huh...

that receipt was issued by me n was signed by him
that's y u can c two daniel-s in a single receipt

i was on purpose to ask his name, coz i was curious to know
how would he reply me

he said:" me ar, same name as u, daniel lor"
i was stunned!!!

but, i didn't take photo wif him tim, y?
aiya, no nid lar, my shop gt so many cctv, my boss had taken it for me jor
through cctv.... kakakakakaka

he was nice n funny... too bad, quite short! yes, he is
my colleagues told me so


gaza said...
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CC said...

Kevin vs Kevin is next!

mintlassie_ymei said...

Haha... so coincidently... heehee... good wor.. can work n c Malaysian Idol... so envy u ...
Happy CNY ya..;-)

Mei Kin said...

HaPpY ChiNeSe NeW yEaR!!!!!!!

$hEue ¥eE said...

wao.. haha, met Malaysian idol wor..