Monday, March 16, 2009

eArth HoUr 2009

ok, here comes the deal...
pls, switch off ur lights at 8.30pm for an hour by 28 march 2009 as a way to show ur concern n commitment to the earth, but, 1 thing juz scared me off...

Beware of thieves, that's their golden time to perform their professionalism... hahaha

don't u think u r nt on the trend if u r nt doing so
if ur friend askd u,
"ei semalan gt switch off lights or nt?"
if u replied
"apa o? i dun noe geh?"
then ppl sure laughing at u

if u replied
"huh, i noe, purposely dun 1 switch off, i on my lights the whole day"
if u told me that answer, i sure very very disappointed

if u said
"ya ya ya, i did"
i would b respecting u, for doing the right thing at the right time

needless to further elaborate, m sure that, everyone feels the pinch...

do u like to spend ur whole day in a fully air-conditioned room?
have u ever ask yourself, y?

answer simple, because u hate the heat outside, who caused it?
monkey? elephant? cow?

u hate it, so do i, but, hv u tried ur best to make our environment better?

oni u can tell the answers

dun let the needle stabs then noe know how hurt the pain is

so suffering to live in such a hot n dangerous world, quick smoking, disposing waste in a proper way, say no to plastic n polystyrene, these r the most simple ways u n i can do to save the world


haha, birthday jor, colleagues celebrated with me jor, happy o!!!

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Mei Kin said...

wow, dno tat u so love environment! =)