Thursday, November 19, 2009

tomorrow continues

Finally, the tortures had gone. I've been away from home for more than 3 months and is fun having fab time with my friends.

is just cool as it is staying in this Uni, after spending a sem here, approximately 5 months, happiness n toughness did exist.

The only matter that caused my blood boiled would be the food served here. Is superb rare to feed myself with something smells fab to me throughout this 5 months. Is just tough! my lunch menu used to b the same.

the taste is barely satisfactory to me. The Queue was unbelievable, u will never believe before your eyes tell is true.

v need to make a long Queue, a big U-turn Queue, before paying at the reception counter. The worst part is the food on table was about to finish, none left, all rebut at best speed as they could. you hv to act fast! a tough n bz life here.

i'm quite in love wif the mix vegetables. Girls u gotto to love it. Those who wish to hv a hell like shape of body, must not miss it. the mix vegetables, do mix up with all types of vegetables.

What kind of rational the chief had back in the kitchen. U judge! the chief cooked "ONIONS!!!, beans, carrots, POTATOES!!!, cabbage, tomatoes, mushrooms, corns flower" all together in one. Can u imagine how would the taste be, well, i tried, a word to say: tasteless, really tasteless...

i considered it as rojak menu or in an exact rude sense of humor, the food is a rubbish food, mixing all the left overs and cook for us to eat! how pity it was but fortunately, all were still fresh. This food caught most attentions as it had beautiful colours, fabulous mix!

the chief cooked it, does it because he/she wanted to promote integrity in nasional building or just simply intended to save costs, all must get fried before any got rotten!

However, however! it still a nice food though it is tasteless.

Hooray, exam ending soon, share more wif u later!