Tuesday, May 10, 2011

the downside

whenever i put an extreme hope on something and when the odd goes to me, i collapse completely, like a mountain being boomed into pieces when the red button was pressed. di..di..di.."BOOM"... or like an ice ball being thrown into the wall and got smashed into pieces eventually. Hate it that way!

If... hey dude, be practical, no such thing as "if" in this world, if it does, we are living peacefully and happily ever after! and as a result, you wouldn't hearing people shouting some classical idioms such as :

1. what the F*** ( most rated)
2. Holy S***

People tend to give excuses starting with the word of "IF" and from here, we know they are giving us the excuses to excuse them from any blames or responsibilities or wrong act or shall i say in a more pleasant and informal way, "mis-act".

" I tell you ar, IF... then..." come on! just take it and live up with the painful lessons learned in the painful way. I know it hurts, but, does the hurt worthwhile? it depends on what corrective actions you took thereafter and what result produced. So just live with it!!!

note: i am on a therapy with myself (when writing this) for the bad exam i just went through. That was completely F***ing shit way i have ever had. I have underestimated the paper and have foregone the opportunity of scoring an apple. What a damn! Shit x3 !

what if... ... no way, ain't going to use that! may the best of the best go with me. gambateh n never give up. (although is easier to say than done, but that shall be the most i can do to counter the pain of my heart).


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