Friday, June 27, 2008

school carnival finally has come to an end
some worked very hard
some just did nothing
some just waiting to be called for duty
some were willing to help
bermacam-macam things i have seen through

fried chicken? soyabean+cincau?
RM2.5 per cup for friend chicken
RM1.00 per cup for cincau
cheap? is quite expensive.....

that's not the point
some suggested to use polymer cup to "isikan the fried chicken"
I disagree to use polymer cup
is not environmentally-friendly
but still, majority insisted on using polymer cup
how cruel n no brain r there?

should i name them?
guess they noe who r they
stupid! ridiculous!
well, i have done my part to say no
but still.....
green house effect?
they r the cause, how proud.....

they have done something that leave a long term negative effect
on the earth
the next generation will noe,
how proud they should feel

well... back to the main point
looking at some of my friends
who has devoted a lot to this project
so great to c every1 working hand in hand
m so proud to 6A3

after 6A3 is my wudo
this year... comments
the picture says all

anyway, the sales for both wudo n 6A3 was a great success
back to 6A3
all of us share the success story
should v just salute 1?
so many people contributed, both directly n indirectly
should they b isolated?
what say u?

every1 deserve to b appreciated
because almost all of us worked very hard on it
this isn't 1 man work ritez?

finally.... the bez time has came
is time to divide the profit,
so happy to c the money waving thier hands to me, come on baby, MARILAH!

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Chris C. said...

Ma... ma... ma... ma... RI LA!
GOOD LUCK in the tournament!