Thursday, May 14, 2009


today, accidentally saw a pic from one of my friend in friendster... she hugged a guy when capturing the picture, i saw n feeling bad, the feeling was unexpected n sudden, causing me feeling like a fish out of water.

i dun noe what to do to express my feeling and to ease the pain in my heart, the pain deep in my heart... i blame no 1 as i know i didn't take any obvious action to put an end b4 it happend.

today i read a blog from one of my friend, one of her admire sang a romantic song with guitar to take her love, the whole scene should b stunting yet touching. hahaha...

me? listerning to song in a lonely way to alleviate the pain in heart

a borken heart, a sad song, what a sad day

shit, server update causing me x register into my 赤壁, my mum always mummble me, why r u so fanatic towards this game? answer is simple, playing this game did reduce my stress. 疯狂杀敌 really syok, especially it comes to group PK, even better as u noe that u r in a group, u r nt alone... kill kill kill.

may b i should spend some time to find the cause, the problem should come from me. juz wan to tell u this in a silent way,i'm hurted by u

this song for u

"may b if i knew all the things that took to save us.
looking in you eyes till i see there's somthing about me
I'm satnding on the edge and i don't know what else to give"

"I flow through my act, theres's a question, "is she needed?"
another side of man i cannot be
looking at the last 3 years like i did
I could never see us ending like this..." (T.T)


四月 said...

u haven change my url in ur list.. haha.

阿紫 said...

yor, weng xiu aso face lovie prob liao =.=

CC said...

Danny forget yesterday embrace tomorrow a piece of DDD forest is out there for you to chop down one by one!

+** LunlYGaL @ kRi$tYl3 **+ (^@^) said...

lol.. sounds so sad abt it.. anyway, link me.. u don't feel to reply me at msn..

Class_Of_2009 said...

kah weng koko!!u cant always get wat you want...guess who is this (U HAVE SO MANY GIRLFRIEND MEH!!)^^