Wednesday, July 15, 2009

being a single

years ago, there was a very very nice hong kong movie starring by andy lau and i had forgotten the name of the movie, sry to say that, however, the story is still fresh in my mind

the story roughly going on like this, an orphan from nowhere grew up became an army and took a life-changing mission. In the end, he went back to village and farm his land and reunion with his long lost wife together with his son.

short enuf? hahaha...

the key point is, being a single is good in certain conditions, because you can explore and do things according to your own desire. Like us, or majority, are too controlled by family, our characteristic was manipulated by our family members. like, if mum says no, then v will reject and follow instructions.

If v disobey, either pat-pat will get slapping or face will have red finger prints
thats the experiences i had gone through b4, but without family, what kind of human v will b? v might gone astray because no 1 is there to stop you

now i'm in a forest, ya kind of...

started to think, whats going to happen if i were an orphan? because now living in such a san ka la places, these thoughts kept spinning in my heart, n i'm finding an answer.

to me, living independly is kinda challenging, because it is time to show how much u have learnt from ur house, how independen you are. to b honest, i'm a very lazy person, still in the process of learning! hahaha

but that movie did inspire me a lot, n i hope in the next 5 years, that kind of up-lifting spirits showed in the movie will grow the same or greater in my heart, fueling my power, haha! really de la

story ended!

jaw pain, shit!
right elbow pain, sprained? may b, in view that the pain is so great
knee pain, shit!

pain pain pain! help...

ogos coming back to kl leh, hahahahaha!

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