Tuesday, July 28, 2009

杀到来了 来了来了

yala.... H1N1 has moved a step forward into my Uni, how dare the H1N1 is, conquer the land of mine within 2 hours...

ya, just 2 hours it took... Let me describe how incredible the H1N1 is.

ON 26 of july, a remarkable memory to UUM, this incident will for sure give an interesting yet unforgotten history to UUM. Get the ink ready to take note of what i said now.

on 4.45pm, i was on my way to dkg 3/1 from library for my tamadun islam study (ass hole lecturer). i saw, the receptionist covered with a mask, i was surprised and shocked, as i thought the threaten of H1N1 had long been wipe out.

i reached my gkd, juz in time, 5.00pm sharp, my friend told me, school will be closed for a week starting by now and continue operation by 2 august...

everyone was busy answering phone, all spoke in a low tone, making the enviroment getting tense. Blood boiling, all were getting excited, super excited. News spread at top speed, like mushroom after the rain.

whether the news is reliable or believable, all were planing an escape plan. All were totally frighten by the H1N1, no mood to study lor... the news was very scary yet funny

some1 said:"main gate will b closed before 6pm, no1 will be allowed to get out"
some1 said:"got 1 student dead"
some1 said:"among tradewinds-hostel students,one of one them had infected"

all students were bz running for their life. just within 15 minutes, all bus tickets had sold out. me either, has no mood to study, and took the "super-extraordinary-rare" opportunity to ponteng class "officially".

so i walked back to my hostel upon deciding not to back KL. i think i made the right choice, because is really not a good idea to back home at this point of time, as u will oni bring virus back to ur hometown...

i walked back to my hostel, pass by a place called "varsity mall". the oni place that sell bus ticket. the tickets sell like hot cakes,juz few minutes later, sold out!
all sold out!i continued my walk.

the scene exactly the same as shone in the movie starred by tom cruse "the world after tomorrow" all ran like hell, hand carries scatter all over the place, all "chi-chi-ca-ca" nonstop talking, announcements were everywhere, buses were everywhere, the road no longer as still as before. all showing depressed look, cried in despair, like a crane lost its wings, flying nowhere

around 5.30pm, i reached my hostel, stayed peacefully, let a peaceful mind get it through, let the wind blow away.

H1N1 i bound to you, you are so amazing, juz within 2 hours, you had evacuated the whole school with a population of around 20K, juz 2 hours, all gone..

who left? of course the king!

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