Friday, August 27, 2010

cartonised presentation

as the days is approaching, the presentation is getting closer and closer. I'm trying the hardest just to put my best on the show to impress the whole class and of course to outdo the selected two enemies who proclaim the join forces of them two has the greatest talent in class. I'm going to beat them down all alone... of course i have friends and teammates who is going to help me along this...

but in recent days, i'm quite satisfied with all the works m doing and as such, ego filled the souls causing me more introverted and always insists on the view of mine. However, certain of my views are wrong and was nt aware by me. I'm totally piss off.

during the recent tests, i wasn't doing well in my exams in my own assesment on my performance. I should have gone ways ahead than just this... i do not deserve this... however, due to the lackage of communication found, i was lost again... I started to realise that standing on my own is somehow hard and team-view is needed. However, things do not turn out the way as i've expected.

have to put more efforts and make everything a success again. No failure shall take takes thereon.

so, back to the presentation again, today i dreamed that my enemy had just delivered a very impressive presentation where the presentation was highly visualised and cartonised wif animations.

This has gaven me a headstart. I started to realised that using an effect charts and cartonised or visualised diagram is going to deliver a good understanding to all audiances because the focus of them has on the presentation has greatly memorised all key points deliverd and delivering. So, repeating in stories shall no longer needed.

Hence, with the deep understanding they have, whenever we told them to complete a task which is related the info presented, the output afrerall is going to be a great success. 3D, charts, digits... these are successful tools to be used for microsoft ppt. also, the presentation has to be cartonised ( or visualised for adult) and integrate it wif effective management technics, everything will be under controlled...

cartonised, visualised, coomunicative and managements the cycle of a career...

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