Thursday, April 9, 2009

midnight stories

recently, too many crime cases happening in my residential area, from snatching to killing, from killing to commit suicide, all these sad and irritating news were breeding like mushrooms after the rain. Nobody dares to suggest a solution, as they knew nothing could put an end to it.

some suggested to seek help from authorities, but, not everyone were in line with this suggestion, including the authorities themselves. Police? None of us were confident on Police, what they had done were totally disapponting.

"if u are not punctual, then you r late"
this sounds so true, eveytime, when crime cases occur, Police were the last persons to reach, they never could make it in 5 minutes... they were late to solve

what are the roles of a police? huh, shame on them... we used to see them showing fake heroic act on TV, protecting some VIP-s like PM n others... they were the 1 24-hours protected by police force instead of us, justice has had been blind-folded by money n power

Hiring Guards? the same problem happend again, not all were agreed to this suggestion as it involves money...

to me, the best way would b... raising a dog, and make sure u bring it with you no matter were you go. to me this should work, as when every emergency happends, dog used to be the 1st hero to bark and chase. when a dog barked, it increases public awareness and stimulates heroic spirits within...

these few days i was bored staying at home as i had resigned my current job. Eveyday sticking tight with my computer, playing my most favourite on9-game to spend my time..


very nice game, worth trying...

ok, in CHIBI, there were lots of thrilling missions await,however, since my level was still low, so, i could only get into one of the mission, which was helping "ma-chao captain" to kill and win a war... xi-liang-shao-luan

i like to play this mission, especially when you got in there, ur teammates all were waiting for your arrival, to help, to assist...

BEFORE the gate opended, everybody were ready to fight,

when you see ur teammates equiping themselves with the strongest armor and weapons, when you see your teammates using certain great pre-fighting skills to boost their attack, defense, healing speed... you know, no matter how hard the enemies ahead are, no matter how many are comming after you, you only have a word in your mind... WIN

so, the gate finally opended

so, when "ma-chao-captain" rode on his horse and ran towards the enemy, his officers, which was us, all of us also ran like hell to kill n kill n kill...

so syok...

if real life also like that, jiu BAGUS lor
when u c some1 in danger, will you be the 1 to lend the 1st helping hand? or instead, will you juz wait the chance to b the second n third hero? or will u juz sit there n watch?

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gaza said...

looks like u ad cant get urself out frm chibi ad.....wahahahaaa....promote in here wont get any gold or jade frm chibi GM de loh!!!!