Wednesday, June 17, 2009

3 days left

i gt no idea what is the shape of my life going to be...
all i juz nid to do is to wait for the day to come, yes 19/06/2009
been long waiting for its arrival

no matter which uni m going to further study in, a point still b the same,
a total new start, new enviroment, new people... ...
no longer SMKB nor mdm leong tuition center


Hopefully admitted, n 3rd choice b hitted
~~Huat ar~~
this phrase sounds very familiar in my on9 game.

everytime when any of my team players gt a mystery box which going to open and get the items, v would say ~~ Huat ar~~... hoping the game master, GM, would gv them rare items..

and now, similarly, m going to say ~~HUAT AR~~
UPU, let me kena ar!!! come again, ~Huat ar~ !!!


Mei Kin said...

better change it ar..
is UPU, not JPA leh
is UPU arrange out uni entrance, dun pray at d wrong thing!!

weng xiu said...

changed le la, ppl noob ma, wan bully me in this way... T.T, didn't even give me a wish!

Mei Kin said...

wish u luck luck luck luck luck luck n luck luck luck and more luck ah~~~
i no bully u lo, remind oni eh.... say me bully u

weng xiu said...

long time x find me T.T... did new hair cut also x tell... wakakaka