Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tweety a bird

Once upon a time, a bird, tweety was busy searching for food. It needed to be fed, as it had starved for long... sitting in its nest would not do any better and decided to spread its wings to try its luck.

it was a hot day. the sun shone brightly in the sky, the excessive sunlight had blinded its eyes, slowing its speed. Sweat excreted from its body, giving extra burdens to this little poor bird.

started getting dizzy and ALL IN A SUDDDEN

with a pair of sharp eyes, it found, it found it!

a fruit which looked tremendously juicy and busty. busty n juicy, thats the thing it been searching for..

the juice might quench its thirst, the fiber might make tweety full

It smelled nice as well... the aromatic smell from the fruit caught its heart, causing tweety couldn't stop sniffing

without any hesitation, by using its strongest weapon... tweety used its sharp claws to gripped firm on the branch, curve beak to break the twig and open its wings as wide as possible as a sign of victory.

the juice splitted out from the fruit, tweety drank and delighted. Heavenly nice...

tweety relaxed its tense muscle and wanted to take a break before heading back

and, unexpectly, an horrifying feeling filled its blood, its wings shaking, claw frozen, paralysied, blank... what was going to happen next, it had no idea... like a fish out of water, like a dead, but much better, at least had feelings, but wait, was bad feelings...

amitabah wouldn't help, no matter how many times tweety read

"uh,,, Hmmph... Hmmph... argh... hu... " tweety grapsed desperately, hoping the oxygen might keep him to stay alert

it started to hv butterflies in its stomach, blood stop flowing from arteries to

tweety blinked its eyes at once, wanted to grab a clearer view, what was happening to him...

"OMG... m i sleeping in my nest?"
"of cours yes, the bed m hving now is juz as soft as the bed i used to sleep on"
"the ceiling too... as brown as my house"
"God treats me good, gave a nice fruit to me and a nice room to rest in, life is so beautifull..."
"what a pleasant day"

tweety mumbled

Sweet dream over darling! Nightmare finally came.

an unpleasant stench blew at him, yucks, smelled like dead fish, smelled like rotten egg, smelled like shit or even worse than that...

brain sent an emergency impluse to make him clear.

tweety gained its conciosness at last, n hopefully on time

he suddenly realized all the things that had happend to him

The juice it found from the fruit was the saliva from its predator
the branch its standing at was the teeth of its predator
the fiber it ate was the remnant which the predator left in its mouth
the bed tweety slept at was actually the tongue of the predator...

saliva, sharp teetch, remnant, tongue... yes...
tweety was actually having a sweet dream in its predator's mouth, in a crocidile mouth!!!

the sun caused tweety lost its way n fainted and fell into the corcodile's mouth.

the crocodile was ready to chewed and torn tweety apart

tweety struggling hard n determined to get out from there because he wasn't ready to visit its dead uncle in hell... he wasn't ready to die... he hadn't try the pleasure of making love and thats the key that boiled its spirit to run away

the crocodile was hungry too, and nid to be fed. it couldn't afford to let go any of its preys since it needed energy. Needed great energy to fight for love, to fight for shelter, to fight for a girl to make love with...

Both have the same target, nid to eat...

the bird was clever, tweety knows something need to be done.

It said " cro, dun eat me, m nt delicious"
"i dun care, i nid to eat, i wanted to fight" said the crocodile.
"i wan to make sex with a girl to continue the growing of my species, my kuku-bird is getting itchy n urged me to take some actions." continued the crocodile.


"i'm a bird too, but i bet i'm much bigger than ur bird, ur so called kuku-bird" said the bird

"is impossible, my size is much bigger than u and is impossible that my kuku-bird is smaller than you!!!" said the crocodile

"you sure hvn't see your kuku-bird before" said the bird
"i bet u never masturbate before" the bird teased the crocodile

"why u say so!!!" crocodile said

"Both ur hands n legs are short, can't reach to hold ur kuku-bird" said the bird
"Plus, without ur hands n legs, you x masturbate n never know how HUGE it is!" said the bird

"why nt u let me out, let me check ur size!!!" the bird requested

stupid crocodile, did open its mouth n let go of tweety..

tweety flew high n run as fast as it could

"come back" the crocodile shouted

but no reply at all...


Vote earth, wheather changed, every1 getting sick... GO GREEN!

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