Tuesday, June 23, 2009


today, was my last service to mdm leong tuition center
i enjoyed myself working at there, coz i did make new n nice n crazy friends
i love it!!! a bit unwilling to leave, but if u were to ask me working for a bit longer, i would say no...

is really struggling working at there, but really enjoyed, at least x fight among collegues, the best point is "all of us integrated well"... ... v still the best!
all r happy faces, hahaha... T.T

杨老师: sexy pose! kakakakaka
顾老师: snapping my handsome face leh
~~~wakakakakaka~~~ love u two, best friends!

of course, my 晶晶 as well, best buddy forever

i did learn a lot from my collegues and boss, in everything... finally, here comes the end of the story, upon capturing the final pics, Tears did drop from the bottom of my heart


+** LunlYGaL @ kRi$tYl3 **+ (^@^) said...

wwweeyy, i couldn't believe that u really upload the ugly photos of mine.. hahaha... anyway, take care larh.. got time, rmb gv us a call and out for yam cha la.. gor gor zai!!

~Yee~ said...

Wei kah weng, you bullied small kids ah?! Hahahaha! No matter how, quite a long time didn't heard from you, so how's ur life? Take care ya~~^^ Hope to hear from you soon~ =)

weng xiu said...

u dare to pose, i sure dare to post! kaakakakaka.... sexy leh

Andrew said...

Hah take care la people.