Sunday, November 16, 2008


ASIMO - Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility
today went to 1U purposely to take a look at what humanoid robot really means

After waiting for a short while, ASIMO finally showed its face on stage. When the door of the "box" opened, every1 was shocked...

"Holly Shit!!!"
"Is that possible?"
"OMG" Is that real?"!!!
claps n cheers were everywhere, most of the audience juz couldn't believe what they were looking at

a humanoid robot ran out from the "box"...
the humanoid robot can run, communicate( may b the dialogue has been engineered by technician), run, kick ball, exercise, clap hands and fetch items

waH... Honda really impressive, which has juz once again proved to the world that dreams can b possible....
the crowd r getting more excited when ASIMO ran on its half n full speed...
that juz amazing... but somehow, i still feel that some of the performances like communication, are has been arranged, bcoz throughout the whole performance, the MC nvr give a chance to the audience to ask ASIMO a question, in order to test its abilities of communication

its communication skills is questionable to me

can proton does the same as honda in future? answer is certain, u n me know lar

If 1 day, malaysia decided to make a robot, dun b too excited n supportive
bcoz if this really happened, then v will b forced to pay HIGHER TAX than now for the blood sucker
believe it or nt? haha


诗雨殿主 said...

hey, nice to meet you here ^^

haha, everyone had finished watching 家好月圆,but I just start watching it.

haha, by the way, this article posted at nov 16, i thought u should stay at home and study? haha.

take care. all the best in exam =)

sheueyee =)

weng xiu said...
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weng xiu said...

forced to go d actually

anyway, i had a great time there