Monday, November 24, 2008


[ in response to my friend's blog ]

r u afraid of death? of course, the answer depends on individual
some were very keen to die
on the contrary
some were very wishing to have a so called "elixir"

huh... y must v die?
scientific answer: cells unable to rejuvenate
traditional answer: ancestors waiting for your companion
logical answer: give space to the youth
life of circle nvr breaks

recently, i juz gt a quite terrible news from my mum
one of my neighbor, is suffering a very chronic disease
although is nt that serious
but, is going to b that serious

i think i shouldn't reveal, because, even if i did
what would happen?
could i make a positive change? answer is certain

a healthy looking person,
all of sudden........
who can expect this to happen?

may god b wif her
blessing her at all times

life only travel once
that is y v should appreciate n b appreciative

none of us have elixir
unlike games... so syok, after being attacked, applying potion, elixir or casting a spell could make that particular revive

in reality?


a moment of peace is the biggest treasure from heaven
on sunday, i was as usual
sleep n eat....
mum n dad hv gone shopping together leaving me alone in the house

after taking sufficient rest
by the time i woke up from my afternoon nap, ady 3.00pm
big pressure
coz monday is my acc ppr

i switched on my Hi-5
listening to my favorite song
the feeling of being free is juz great

dun u agree?

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