Sunday, November 30, 2008

a gift from heaven

today while having a tough fight wif a game ---Genji
i received a letter at full surprise
i paused my game for a little while, n started to read the letter
OMG 4 pages in total... ...

One of my old friend sent me this
hihi... she very gt my heart geh, though v seldom talked in school
but, still, old feelings remain the same n unchanged

i really very appreciate what she had done to me, both directly n indirectly

having her in my life, is the biggest gift from heaven
a treasure couldn't b found on earth

neither map nor satellites could coordinate its location
neither god nor human could see its physical look

because it can oni b seen by the purest heart from us both
it belongs to us

Ooopss.... sweet tooth getting itchy jor
if that was sincere from the bottom of my heart
will ya believe it?
i know u will, coz i gt nothing to hind behind u
n u noe that too

that phrase u wrote to me:
"This might be d last letter I'm writing to you...."
did steal few drops of tears from me

dun b like that lar.... ...

i would b sad without ur disturbances

knowing that u r expecting me to write more
wanna make it personal wif you, erm so m nt going to further elaborate
feeling kind of weird er?

nolar, later u will know geh..... hehehehehe
last but nt least
i take our friendships very seriously de o


evelyn aka lyn lyn said...

so sad...
u got another laopo le..
u don wan me le..
u don love me le.........

weng xiu said...

who ask u x lup me jor, i mai find others n dump u lor kakakakakakakaka
no angry bah

$hEue ¥eE said...

finally ur exam is over?

congrats ya.

have a nice day.

take care ^^