Thursday, November 20, 2008


wasei... today's account paper was very tough, i wonder what's going to happen on the nex paper... even math paper i also didn't do well either

my poor result damn it... hopefully, i could make it to University
damn it, my friends used to ask me the same Qs...
How was exam?
my reply used to b the same

waiting for the god to bless me

hopefully the more jossticks i burned to God, the more blessings i got in return

i really hv no idea whats going on, all i juz noe is to study study study
my final hope lies on math and economy

i will switch on my full gears on these 2 subjects
wish me luck, k!!!

few days ago, i had a dream, though i hv graduated, forever-ly never deserve a chance to b declared as "smkb-an" haha, so
under half sleep n half conscious condition
willpower manipulated my brain to dream of something according to my wish

so, in reality, that duty will eternally remains undone, due to psychology n social problems
that duty is so hard to b fulfilled, or replacing the word "hard" wif "impossible" would sounds much much better to me

i was so happy, i envy the me in my dream
for hving a chance to do the thing that i have long been waiting for
chance has came, though was subjective

...that unrealistic duty has fulfilled....


诗雨殿主 said...

hey, don think too much ya.

do your best ^^

sheueyee =)

cc said...

Mmm... What did you dream I wonder

wei jie said...

hey bang~~~
gambateh for our STPM ba^^

mintlassie_ymei said...

Yea... d Acc paperquite tough...(4 me la...)...
Gambateh lo...^^