Thursday, December 18, 2008


Daniel here...
ha, always dreamed to work in a foreign company, now the chance finally arrived
my shop, located at mid valley, owned by hong kong feng shui master
haiz... things were not going as well as i had expected

is true, they really pay me lots...
RM1200? that's juz the basic salary oni
extra RM50 will be added cumulatively on the following months

sounds great huh? very cham de...
u noe, hong kong ppl are very realistic...
my shop has more than 20++ cctv...
my boss used to use cctv to monitor us, n always order us to do this n that

hiaz... like prison? ya, kind of
when my boss approved my apply as shop assistant
i was so happy n excited, but few days later
things were not going according to my wish....

but, i can't say that this job is completely off to me
i did learn lots throughout these few days
about crystal, stones n aura, a new knowledge to me
my shop has quite a lot of foreign visitor, though they were juz visitor n nt buyer
but still, i enjoyed communicating wif them
some americans or white-skinned girls, quite DDD... hahaha

pretty soon, m going to leave n find another job related to either administration or accounting
y? huh, coz my friend told me that v hv to wait until july then oni can enter local U
so.... that's it


Mei Kin said...

i got one fren work in mid valley. in pc company. one month rm 1600. translator. chinese to english. work mon to fri oni. wan anot? i dno chinese so canoot work dere. another is game master. o sth lidat. one month rm1450.
gambatte la. if reli dun lik d job o very tiring, den quit la. money canot but happiness. dun cos wan earn lots of money at last yourself dno bcum lik ghost.

weng xiu said...

o tq tq...
but i ady statisfied wif what i'm having now... wuwuwu... complicated feelings