Saturday, December 27, 2008


ok... today was my neighbor xiu wen's sister wedding party
so, juz back from work, put down my beg n rest for a moment
[ tq CC for sending me back home ]

today inside the commuter suddenly an around 7 years-old boy asked me which station would i stop?i don't know how to answer him, but at last, i told him that i would b leaving at kepong station... i thought he wanna sit my place, so CC "suggested" to give our seat to him... so many ppl looking at us, winnie......

kakaka, reached home safe n sound around 10.45pm
aiya, bez friend mar, nid to give some faces somehow
so, i went to her house n joined her party
although it was 11.00pm ady

after a few sips of wine, started getting druNk
may b was too exhausted from work, hahaha... but now very conscious, no worry haha

tomorrow afternoon shift tim, sad....

too long i didn't touch computer jor, i miz my internet n computer, of course my PS2 as well.... wuwuwu


CC said...

your neighbour girl don't look like asian :S

weng xiu said...

winnie, i thought u really gg jor... huh, gg still can on9?