Wednesday, December 31, 2008

is time to kick the butt of 08!!!

is that to kick the butt of 08 n at the same time
open the door to welcome 09, 2009!!! hahaha

so fast this year, juz a glance, everything has come to an end
there are so many things i have to let go, also, they is quite a few of things i wanna make them stay
this year, i didn't perform well in school
was a bad year to me... bad? nt at all...

at least i got sumthing that i wanted to hv it for more than 3 years!
yes, is a champion in wudo, n yes, i did it!!!

this year, i met lots of new friends, they r great....
like my lao po-evelyn, sunkist-meimei (sry, this year christmas nt spending wif u) n lots...

of course nt forgetting my very very very closed sei-tong or even more further than that
who? of course id u lor xiu wen.... u r most special to me all the way long

then bodoh lar, old friend lu like wudo 08 president, n all ajks... c-heng n c-jie n more, then all 6A3 lor

this year was a painful year to me,
being injected for 3 times pain!!!
fell down n chin kena jahit pain!!!
headache, went x-ray n blood test, shit!!!
teeth broken n repaired pain!!! (most)

but this year i gt a chance to visit Hong Kong o~~~ hehehehe

this year really full of ups n downs... but still ok lar!!!
stpm? waiting for the god to bless me lu, what else more can i do?

09? m waiting for u!!!


Thong Chia Weng said...

Happy New Year 2009 !! 新年快乐哦。。。幸福美满!!

$hEue ¥eE said...

Lao po?

you have gf edi? haha. gong xi gong xi..

well, hapi 2009 =)

wish u all the best =)