Monday, December 22, 2008

normal day

Ok... juz back from work? exhausted? nt at all, today was a busy day to my boss
she less monitor us through cctv, so, was quite happy and free

today was a bit lazy,
sitting at the main counter, rubbing pendents, decorating crystal trees....
these were what i had done by today

mind kept thinking of something else,
thinking of what? curious to know? haha, nothing special geh...
was thinking how to style my hair, n what colour should i use to dye my hair for the coming CNY
but, i still haven't get any greenlight yet
haha... ...

English getting poor ady, hard to communicate in English...
i couldn't let it getting worse, went to MPH, bought TIME to read
to enhance, increase and to improve my English
haha... feeling kind of good....
i like it

so, christmas juz around da corner right? wishing all
"Merry Christmas" especially to those i love most...

Normally, i will watch "Polar Express" during christmas, few days before or after christmas
this year, no exception,
1 of my great movie collection ever! Trust me!!!

"seeing is believing"
this movie taught me a valuable lesson!

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