Friday, October 31, 2008


Yesterday i received something unusual and totally out of my expectation...
my phone showing an unpredicted call at roughly 09.45pm
upon answering, was invited by caller to hang out at a dark n silent street right away when the call was ended

In full surprise, i had no idea what is going to happen next
i saw her carrying a bag filled with something
when she showed it to my, my god, was a "ai-xin-supper" cooked by her to me

she is my best friend ever in my life,
v held hands together, sharing sweet n bitter, sadness n anger, happiness n disappointment... ...
since child.... can u believe that?

if nt mistaken i knew her when i was in standard 5,
she is my neighbor, located opposite of my house,
indeed, i had a very fun wild n crazy childhood wif her of course

she cooked spaghetti for me, though intention of cooking wasn't fully on me or may b yes, i dun know....
but, still very happy n excited by her care to me
after hving a great chat, it was almost 11.00pm ady
before when v both gone back to our home, she sent a picture to me which was taken by her during her last sunday port dickson trip...

last but nt least, tq sai!!!

stpm r coming pretty soon, i'm nt sure whether i can handle it or not
can u read the reading of the picture shown below? i guess is for ant n not a human beings like us right? unfortunately... yes is for us


CC said...

You have a Zhu Fan Po machi!

weng xiu said...