Tuesday, October 28, 2008


what can a smile do? have u ever wonder about it?
a simple smile can give supreme pleasure to all the ppl who sticking around wif u
a crazy smile tells how humor u r
a happy smile tells how satisfying u felt over something
a sweet smile tells how happy u r upon something unusual

every smile gives power and energy to fuel our life, gives colours to brighten our life, gives motivation to heal our depress,

a smile a day keeps the sadness away
every complication will be overcome only when u carry a smile to re-investigate
feel free to smile

when i was working as promoter, i hv to smile to pleased my customer n persuade them to buy my products... as predicted, ppl crowded around my booth, i felt great! if you failed , hv a smile to tell urself that, u hv done the bez u could... If ur friend failed, hv s smile to re-motivate them

life is full of ups n downs, life is nothing but a zero if without ups n downs...
carry a smile, make ur life more appealing and satisfying.

a smile from the bottom of ur heart, helps to transfer motivations n love to those who needed and of course, those who is staying besides you


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