Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy Birthday zip chong c-heng

is 8.00am sharp... y god want to wake me up this early? i haven't get sufficient rest yet, i opened my eyes n do a simple morning stretch n go! i brushed my teeth carefully n observed the whole proses closely, no dirt are allowed to stay!!! After being tortured by dentist, i have gained a freaking dreadful lessons...

i have something very important to do in school. First, i need to find my wudo sifu secondly was ...kakaka.... because of my c-heng lor... ok, after styling my hair m ready to go!

the 1st place i went was King's confectionery, to buy cakes for my c-heng's coming birthday. at 1st i wanted to buy a slice of mocha almond cake for him, after much consideration, i decided to buy 2 slices instead of 1! Erm, i hope he likes it

when i reached school, i saw them, however, disappointingly, my c-jie wasn't there. i saw my sifu n c-heng teaching wudo-futures, i sat at a corner n waited for their break time. I guessed my c-heng saw my skinny figure from far, so he came to me. after chatting n sharing, i passed the cakes to him, he was pleased n happy.
Happy birthday to u,happy birthday to c-heng happy birthday to u
YEAH! i love my c-heng n c-jie, they truly r my greatest mentor

Erm, after fulfilling the 1st task, m about to take on the next duty. i went to c my sifu wif accompanied by my c-heng. wuwuwu.... my sifu refused to bother me. zzZZZ... i sat at a corner n waited for my sifu. finally, he has opened his mouth to brush me for a little while then only promised to give the certificates to me. Erm, my jobs r done perfectly, so m about to go!!

m just so happy to c my c-heng is in good shape n was totally pleased... oooHHH is time to take a short nap lor

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