Wednesday, October 8, 2008

pob-pob, pob-pob, pob-pob
the time has come, as my economy teacher walked in
my heart beat faster than usuall
i knew whats going to happen next still... i wish i could change it

my eco marks, as predicted was not satisfying
i blame nobody but myself
for being overconfident n lazy over this subject

i hv underestimated everything
my school life has finally came to an end
pretty soon, m going to graduate
n end my form 6 life

kind of sad to say good-bye
few days later
i would NO LONGER....

be declared as school boy
be tighten by school rules
be scolded by teachers
be punished by disciplinary teacher
be spoon-fed in terms of homeworks
be SUFFERED by my MATH teacher
be squeezed by a crowd of students in canteen
be ... ... ...

whatever it is, m gonna to miss my days in SMKB
i will remember
how stupid i was in SMKB
how proud i was in SMKB
how anti-prefect-n-SMKB feeling was in SMKB

for a certain reasons....
my life wouldn't b prefect without SMKB

1 comment:

Lai Yen Mei said...

Leaving SMKB soon...
Gotta miss all d friends& teachers there...
Haha, I'm sure u'll miss ur ''Kai ma'' lots... hihi...^^
Niway, All The Best in ur future undertakings ya...^^